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Added to MTDCNC by EMAG UK Ltd on 21 June 2017

EMAG Offers Ultimate Turn/Grind Centre for Hard Turned Parts
The MTDCNC team recently visited the EMAG GmbH Headquarters in Salach, Germany to take a look at the manufacturing technology behind the renowned brand as well as to take in some of the latest machine tool innovations the company has on offer.

Looking specifically at the VLC GT200 model, Dr Guido Hegener, the General Manager at EMAG GmbH said: “The 200GT is a pick-up machine that is suitable for turning and grinding that means this machine is suitable for combined machining.” With the parts being held upside down, Mr Hegener continues: “We’ve been building pick-up machines for at least 25 years and they are very good machines as they load themselves by picking parts from a conveyor, move the part to the station where the machining is conducted.”

With demonstrations of both hard turning and grinding, the spindles and coolant are retained at a constant temperature within the machine to ensure optimal precision levels. Commenting upon the typical component types that can be machined on the new 200GT machine, Mr Hegener continues: “The machine is suitable for hard machining with respect to internal and external turning and grinding. The loading facility is much faster than machines that commonly use the gantry loading method.”

The 200GT incorporates a 12 position tool turret with drilling and milling tools available through driven tool positions. “However, driven tools are not generally specified with this type of machine because milling and drilling processes are usually completed when the material is in its soft state, prior to hardening. Furthermore, the precision of the parts is guaranteed as the 200GT has a component probing station incorporated. This measures the features of the part for precision and consistency whilst the part is still clamped.”

For the technology incorporated into the machine, the footprint is exceptionally small. “We have integrated two grinding spindles and one turret. It loads itself with a conveyor and this gives us a very compact machine. This machine has a very good cost per part as it brings down the cost of the tools. Additionally, it may be cheaper to turn some features of a part rather than grind them and likewise, you can grind some features instead of turning them. This gives a very good cost economy for the machine as well as a high level of flexibility,” concludes Mr Hegener.

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