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ETG has a base for productivity with new Chiron line
ETG has a base for productivity with new Chiron line
ETG has a base for productivity with new Chiron line

ETG has a base for productivity with new Chiron line

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 23 October 2015

Chiron has long been regarded as a manufacturer of machine tools for the extremely high production volume sector. So, obviously high levels of precision, productivity, reliability and automation are synonymous with the brand. However, the company has recently developed its 'Baseline' machine with a different philosophy. MTD went to the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) to find out more...

The Baseline is a new take on the range that enables a 'base' model to be built to any specification that the end user may require. By building these machines on an economy of scale, the Chiron range is now particularly affordable to subcontractors and OEM's that may have once looked at a more 'cost-effective' option.

Taking a look at the FZ15 W twin pallet machine, the secondary pallet can be accessed whilst the first pallet is machining. Instantly delivering a cost advantage by eliminating idle or setting-up times. At the side of the machine, the operator has a clear window to view the machining envelope. This window is alongside the latest Siemens CNC control unit. 

The vertical travelling column machine ensures that the spindle travels around the pallet and the pallet remains stationary - something that enhances rigidity, tool life  and machining performance. This feature also compacts the work envelope of the FZ15 W machine. Additionally, the tool carousel is positioned around the spindle and not away from the spindle like traditional machines. What this provides is a 2.1 second chip to chip tool change time - there won't be many machines in the market that can get anywhere close to that!

As standard, the machine has a 10,500rpm spindle with a work envelope that has an X-axis of 550, Y-axis movement of 400mm and 420mm in the Z-axis. However, the configuration of the machine enables it to accept parts up to 660mm by 400mm with a maximum load of 300kg per pallet. This new 'Baseline' range from Chiron now disregards the perception of high automation production as it can be built to the needs of the end user. This means that the everyday subcontractor, making anything from one-off's to small batches (and even high production runs) should now be looking seriously at this new range from the ETG Group.

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