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Engineering Technology Group (ETG) Management buyout
Engineering Technology Group (ETG) Management buyout
Engineering Technology Group (ETG) Management buyout

Engineering Technology Group (ETG) Management buyout

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 11 June 2015
As one of the  most prominent names in the UK machine tool market, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has today announced that it has concluded a re-structuring of the business. To find out what this means, MTD spoke with ETG's Managing Director Mr Martin Doyle at the launch of its Permanent Trade Show (PTS) to find out more...
Why is the management buyout and re-structuring of the ETG Group of such importance? For what must surely be the minority of manufacturers not to be familiar with the ETG brand, it is the UK home for globally renowned brands such as Hardinge, Bridgeport, Feeler, Nakamura Tome, Handtmann, Quaser, Chiron and Stama. With such a comprehensive stable that is underpinned by support and service that encompasses emergency call-outs, an engineering solutions team, finance experts and even CNC monitoring software packages and tool and workholding specialists - ETG truly can deliver a complete solution from under one roof.
In an exclusive MTD interview, Mr Doyle told MTD: 'The re-structuring will see myself become Group Managing Director and John Temple will be the Executive Chairman whilst Paul Rhodes, the company founder, will be taking a well earned retirement.' 
With regards to the impact the re-structuring will have on the business as it moves forward, Mr Doyle says: 'The new structure will be very positive. We were very lucky when Paul founded the business to opt for premium brands such as the Chiron and Nakamura lines and more recently with the Hardinge machines, so the foundations of a very solid business are in place already. So, we have a lot to thank Paul for.'
'Over the last few years as Managing Director, John Temple has really polished the edges of the ETG Group and this announcement is just the next step in the growth of the company. It marks a new era for the company and we won't stop here, we will continue to drive the business to even greater success.'
The Event...
To mark the opening of the new ETG demonstration show room, the Southam company invited the MTA's CEO Mr James Selka to cut the ribbon and announce the official opening of the new facility. 
ETG debuted five new machine tools at the opening of its Permanent Trade Show (PTS) in addition to demonstrating the capabilities of 12 fully operational machines. With new machines receiving their UK exhibition debut, ETG now has innovative new models from Nakamura, Chiron, Hardinge, Bridgeport and Quaser on show. Why not take a trip over to Southam to see what is on offer.....
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