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RK International is on a roll with Europa Mega threading portfolio
RK International is on a roll with Europa Mega threading portfolio

RK International is on a roll with Europa Mega threading portfolio

Added to MTDCNC by RK Int Machine Tools on 13 October 2015

RK International Machine Tools through its partner, Taiwan-based Mega Machine Company has expanded the range of thread rolling machines that it has in its portfolio. Thread rolling is one of those unsung processes, but one that remains vital across a range of industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Construction sectors.

Available under RK International’s Europa brand, the four new machines in the range are the Europa Mega TR-120T, TR-80T and TR-40T, which are in Mega’s heavy-duty range, along with the Europa Mega TR-30NC a numerical controlled thread rolling machine, which with a 30 ton rolling pressure still has significant rolling capacity, but with the flexibility of an NC control system to give full control over the six axes. This development of the six axis control on the Europa Mega TR-30NC is an industry first and highlights Mega’s leading role in the development of the thread rolling process. The three new Europa Mega heavy-duty machines range from 40 ton to 120 ton rolling capacity and feature a one piece bed construction that eliminates any loss of accuracy over extended rolling cycles. Control of these machines is via a PLC system that provides different programs for up to nine operations, dependant on the application. All machines in the range can be used in both in-feed and through feed applications and are available with automated part loading if required. 

'We have been partners with Mega for more than 20 years now and they continue to innovate in this niche area of the machine tool industry. While being one of those ‘hidden’ processes in manufacturing, thread rolling remains the most efficient method for volume production of screw threads. The resulting threads also benefit from greater tensile and shear strength as well as increased wear resistance, producing a thread up to 20 per cent stronger in comparison to threads that are ‘cut’. This makes the process ideal for applications where consistency and process security are vital, such as the aerospace and automotive sectors,' says Simon Rood, Sales Manager, RK International Machine Tools. Other benefits of the process are reduced cycle time, lower cost per part, improved surface finish, chipless machining and increased and more consistent component accuracy.

The Europa Mega thread rolling machines are not restricted to producing conventional threads, they can also be applied to create splines as well as less conventional threads, with Mega being a supplier to one of the world’s leading producers manufacturers of ballscrews.  'While thread rolling is one of those machining technologies that has been overlooked, almost forgotten, in the drive for high-tech CNC controlled equipment, it remains an ideal solution where volume production of precision threads is required. The Europa Mega range of thread rolling machines starts with the TR-3T machine with 1.5 tons rolling pressure and extends to the TR-120T with 120 ton of rolling pressure,' says Simon Rood.


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