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FactoryWiz agency for Engineering Solutions

FactoryWiz agency for Engineering Solutions

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 17 January 2013

Engineering Solutions, the specialist support division of The Engineering Technology Group, has been appointed as the UK agent for FactoryWiz, a monitoring and data collection package, that acts as a ‘black box recorder’ for CNC machine tools.

Using its unique Ethernet protocols, FactoryWiz interacts directly with the machine’s CNC to extract and record exactly what the machine is doing at any time. This information can then be used to accurately understand overall operating efficiency, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, optimise production cycles and ensure all maintenance is carried out in a timely and appropriate manner.

The system can connect to any CNC, whatever the manufacturer – including Fanuc, Mazak, Heidenhain, Okuma, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Haas – and can bring together all the data from every machine tool in a plant.

The system simply plugs into the Ethernet port of each machine to collect data across the site – or even from a number of sites on the same network. Older machines can be fitted with signal monitors, combined with Macro Print commands to extract the data.

The FactoryWiz server unit is attached to the network and can monitor up to 512 machines – not just machining centres or lathes, but any CNC machine, including grinding machines, laser cutting machines, press brakes, punch presses, EDM systems, etc.

The unit incorporates a web server, so all the data is viewed in a web browser, with no need to install additional software.

Authorised users can view all the information gathered by FactoryWiz in real time or as historical reports from any computer on the network.  FactoryWiz can be accessed from an external network, i.e., from home, if your company has a VPN connection. Any device with a web browser, such as tablet, smart phone or PC can view the FactoryWiz screens and information.

The type of information collected by FactoryWiz includes cycle times, alarms, with full alarm text, current NC program, current active tool, program progress, number of parts made, tool and work offsets, feed rate override settings, etc. Every input and output on the PLC can be monitored.

All of this real-time data is stored to a database from which a wide range of generic and customised dashboards and reports can be generated. Pre-loaded reports include overall equipment effectiveness, productivity breakdown, alarms and events, idle analysis, offset changes and machine summary. Reports can be broken down by shift, by cell, for all machines or for just one machine.

Factory Wiz can also keep track of when maintenance tasks are due, tracking run time, on time or calendar time as appropriate for each task. Due tasks are displayed using a traffic light system on the maintenance dashboard and text or email alerts can be triggered when it is time to book a service visit.
The reports and dashboard produced by FactoryWiz can be easily customised to a user’s specific information requirements and simple interfaces to SAP and other ERP systems set up.

The Engineering Technology Group has obtained the UK agency for FactoryWiz from its creators, RYM (USA) Inc. Engineering Technology Group will be working with CNC Applications Ltd to market and support FactoryWiz throughout the UK and Ireland.

Ben Groves, managing director of CNC Applications, said: “FactoryWiz lets you understand what your machine tools are doing, when they are working, when they aren’t and why they aren’t. FactoryWiz gives you the data to take control of your production and maximise productivity. With its focus on added-value service, Engineering Solutions is the ideal partner to offer this capability to UK manufacturers.”

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