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FANUC show innovation at Southern Manufacturing
FANUC show innovation at Southern Manufacturing

FANUC show innovation at Southern Manufacturing

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 27 January 2014

Reducing energy costs, making operation simpler and developing  proven manufacturing automation products is the driving force behind FANUC.  At Southern Manufacturing FANUC will illustrate just how straightforward a variety of typical manufacturing demands can be met by using its well proven line up of machine tools, robots and CNC control products.

Centre stage will be the recently launched FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiA series vertical machining centre integrated with a FANUC LRMate robot loading and unloading a machined component.  Now offering standard and high power spindle versions, improved chip discharging, thermal displacement compensation and higher resolution axis feed, the ROBODRILL focuses on features that reduce cycle times, improve surface finish and increase accuracy.

ROBODRILL's new high power version provides power levels expected from larger machines with a maximum spindle speed of up to 10,000rpm specified as 80Nm torque and 14kW’s of power.  Acceleration and speed are also improved with a 24,000 rpm spindle speed more than double the speed of the standard version.

Using FANUC's advanced CNC control platform, ROBODRILL's 31 i-B5 control system helps to shorten cycle times by achieving both high speed and high precision through accurate control of maximum acceleration of the spindle motor.  

The 30i series, high performance level CNC controller, now uses a new generation servo processor offering advanced 5-axis functions.  Machining tolerances can be accurately programmed in, allowing the system to manage relative processing time while optimising surface quality and cycle time.

Sharing the same control platform as the ROBODRILL makes integration of the LRMate straightforward and when used with the new iPendant, programming and operation becomes easier as all main CNC panel functions can be accessed and operated remotely by a single pendant.

Illustrating high-speed pick and place together with integrated vision will be two FANUC M-1iA robot demonstrations.  Capable of 200 cycles per minute, the lightweight  and compact  delta type arm is designed for high speed electronics assembly and picking and packing of light components.  The M-1iA robot is available with 4 or 6 axes options and weighs in at only 14Kgs and 17Kgs respectively.

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