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FANUC goes 3 into 1..

FANUC goes 3 into 1..

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 06 November 2013

Traditionally operating as three separate entities, FANUC CNC, FANUC Robots and FANUC Robomachines will now trade as one business, FANUC UK with its Head Office in Coventry.

Having spent recent years supplying control systems through FANUC CNC, FANUC Robots through FANUC Robotics and machine tools through FANUC Robomachines or distribution outlets, this re-organisation will significantly adapt how both end users and OEMS purchase FANUC products.

The change will help simplify, grow and improve sales throughout the UK. It will also make servicing and training far more accessible and easier to integrate between the businesses skillsets.

Now armed with a team of 45 service engineers in the UK, 12 Technical Sales Engineers and 75 dedicated FANUC team members operating out of Coventry, this cohesion of businesses will make FANUC an even slicker supplier of automation solutions to Industry.

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