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FANUC UK launches the Robodrill Alpha, improving milling and drilling speed
FANUC UK launches the Robodrill Alpha, improving milling and drilling speed

FANUC UK launches the Robodrill Alpha, improving milling and drilling speed

FANUC UK has recently announced the launch of the Robodrill Alpha (D21iA5), a high-speed, high-precision, cutting machine operated via a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system. With higher speeds, quicker acceleration, increased accuracy and reduced cycle times, the Robodrill Alpha D21iA5 offers a range of benefits including:

• Directly driven axes for quick acceleration of 1.5 G in all three axes
  with 54 m/min
• Highly dynamic spindle with 10,000 or 24,000 rpm
• Optimal acceleration and deceleration control for efficient machining
  and shorter cycle times
• Large travel stroke up to 700 x 400 x 330 mm
• Over 40% energy savings, less compressed air demand, and intelligent control  
  technology with regenerative feedback of excess energy  

Chris Sumner, managing director and vice president at FANUC UK said: 'The new FANUC Robodrill Alpha provides unrivalled quality within the milling and drilling process. We have produced one of the fastest machines in the world, which is flexible for every application need.'

To compliment the Robodrill, FANUC’s fully integrated Robodrill Automation Cell, an automated parts handling tool, gives greater flexibility with handling payloads and increasing working capacity. The modular design enables the cell to be fitted to either side or between two Robodrill machines and can be expanded with additional cells to increase working capacity. Parts loading can be from conveyor, bowl-feeder or manually loaded parts trays depending upon individual customer needs and production schedules.

As part of its wider offerring, FANUC is also helping to improve the moulding process with its 30T ROBOSHOT injection moulding press, improving stability, and increasing energy and cost savings.

To reduce cycle times, FANUC manufactures a range of products including FANUC's FSSB High speed rigid tapping, which achieves both high-speed and high-precision by controlling maximum acceleration power of the spindle motor.  Rapid traverse block overlap shortens cycle times in programs with many positioning commands.  The integration of FANUC's DDR-T indexer further supports reduced cycle times by its high-speed operation and high-accuracy.

Published on MTD CNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 16 April 2014

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