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FANUC Sales through the roof
FANUC Sales through the roof

FANUC Sales through the roof

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 19 May 2015

Machine tool and automation specialist FANUC has announced that sales of its renowned ROBODRILL line of machine tools are up by 50% compared to the same 6 month period of 2014. This exceptional growth is attributed to a number of factors that include internal re-structuring and the buoyant growth of the automotive industry.

The exceptional increase in demand for the highly regarded ROBODRILL range has partially been credited to the amalgamation of the three FANUC business units into one single headquarters in Coventry. By bringing its robotics, machining centres and EDM machines under one roof, the company has streamlined its operations whilst delivering more comprehensively integrated product offerings. Internally, this has enabled FANUC engineers to provide a more in-depth analysis of customers existing and potential future demands to introduce automation packages that coincide with the ROBODRILL machining line.

In addition to this, FANUC believes that its internal restructuring program has enabled it to become more competitive on pricing. With the increasing demand for machine tools, FANUC has entered a 'scale of economy' scenario whereby it can now manufacture more machines at a more competitive rate, a pricing structure that is obviously being taken advantage of by the FANUC customer base.

Whilst the streamlined business model and introduction of cost effective solutions is creating increased turnover, credit has to be given to the customer base that is taking advantage of the technical benefits of the ROBODRILL line. For example, the ROBODRILL delivers a 24,000rpm spindle that far exceeds many machine tools and this provides the end users with a more productive machine that can reduce production costs for the customer. This consequently is providing FANUC users with an ROI that is far beyond the realms of most machine tool manufacturers. Added to this, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using high speed spindles. This realisation is more evident with the FANUC ROBODRILL, as the range provides unrivalled torque levels throughout the spindle speed range.

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