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RK International now supply the Mega-Flex five-axis machining centre
RK International now supply the Mega-Flex five-axis machining centre
RK International now supply the Mega-Flex five-axis machining centre

RK International now supply the Mega-Flex five-axis machining centre

Added to MTDCNC by RK Int Machine Tools on 01 March 2014

As part of its new distributor agreement with The Kingsland Engineering Co.Ltd., part of the Haco Group, RK International Machine Tools now has the massive Mega-Flex five-axis machining centre as part of its portfolio. This twin gantry machine has a bed length of over 60 metres and is designed for the efficient machining of large panels, such as those found in the transport and aerospace sectors, particularly the rail industry.

The two gantries, which each have a five-axis spindle head of up to 44 kW and a 36 position toolchanger, can operate in tandem or as separate X-axes to maximise the machine’s dynamics when machining large aluminium panels measuring up to 3500 mm wide by 1000 mm high (1500 mm option). The innovative double vertical clamping system on each gantry ensures that the panel is securely clamped under the machine spindle at all times, and to ensure that the profile is machined exactly to the drawing the probing routine automatically compensates for any distortion in the panel.

The spindle heads have axis movements of +/- 110 degrees in the A-axis and +/- 225 degrees in the C-axis and is capable of handling tools up to 700 mm diameter, such as circular saw blades.  Mega-Flex also features two Siemens 840D CNC control units, one at each gantry, which can operate the two gantries independently or in tandem depending on the parts being machined, for example two heads working on one large panel, or in a pendulum-type operations with the table split between different components.  The array of clamps along the machine table are positioned automatically by gantries and up to 32 clamps can be specified.

“The arrival of Mega-Flex in our portfolio is very timely given the recent announcement of a major order for roiling stock to be built in the UK for Crossrail. Mega-Flex was developed for the machining of large panels and the capacity of the machine means that an entire railway carriage side can be machined in one piece, which should result in significant improvement of accuracy, quality, time and cost savings,” says Dick Aldrich, Sales Director of RK International Machine Tools Limited.
Specialising in providing Profile Machining Systems for aluminium and steel extrusions, Mubea Systems S.A., a division of the Haco group since 1996, has developed a complete range of machining centres specifically for these materials where high speed cutting and fast response times are essential.


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