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Floyd Introduce Precise Quick Change Tooling Line

Floyd Introduce Precise Quick Change Tooling Line

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 07 August 2015

Floyd Automatic has now extended its cutting tool line with the arrival of the W&F Micro range of interchangeable tools. The new tooling system from Floyd Automatic Tooling has a completely interchangeable head design that provides a versatile, quick change solution that retains precision to 0.002mm.


The new W&F Micro Series utilises ‘Face & Taper’ contact technology to guarantee precision repeatability of 0.002mm whilst giving the end user a remarkably fast tool change, which is ideal for pre-set tooling systems. The tool holder of the W&F Micro range remains in the machine whilst the head can be rapidly removed with a single screw that enables the operator to change inserts outside the machine if desired. For more spacious machine tool work envelopes, the inserts can be changed quickly with a single screw that requires no further adjustments.


With a single screw that locates the interchangeable head in the tool holder, the W&F Micro system has an innovative design that delivers the highest possible stiffness, rigidity and precision. This is guaranteed by a patented cylindrical stabiliser design that permits precise insert changes with speed and confidence.


The interchangeable heads are available with a wide variety of head types that can be specified for general turning, facing, profiling, parting and also internal profiling and boring operations. Furthermore, the head designs are available in left and right hand formats with through coolant available upon request. The diverse design of the compact heads, makes them suitable for all types of turning application whether it’s on a Swiss type machine, a multi-spindle or even a general turning centre.


The toolholders are available with an 8 by 8mm, 12 by 12mm or a 16 by 16mm square shank with an overall length of 80mm. These compact toolholders are robust and rigid, which enhances tool life and surface finishes for the end user whilst making them suitable for use on all machine tool types.


The arrival of the W&F Micro turning line satisfies the desire of end users to achieve a completely flexible and interchangeable system that can reduce tooling inventory and the associated costs whilst maximising the potential of tool positions in machine tools with limited capacity. Furthermore, the W&F Micro reduces non-cutting times and therefore increases productivity by simplifying and speeding-up the insert changeover times. For further details, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.

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