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GF AgieCharmilles unveils innovative manufacturing solutions at ITS

GF AgieCharmilles unveils innovative manufacturing solutions at ITS

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 15 April 2013

Innovative and inspiring solutions in Milling, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Laser texturing, Automation and Customer Services were at the heart of GF AgieCharmilles’ International Technology Show (ITS), held in Losone, Switzerland during March 2013 (March 19–23). The solutions presented at ITS demonstrated how GF AgieCharmilles’ advanced manufacturing technologies can help customers improve their performance in an increasingly competitive world.

GF AgieCharmilles, with a long and proud legacy of innovation in key machining technologies, welcomed an international audience, comprising tool and mould makers and precision parts manufacturers, to its recently- held ITS Show.

Each day of the Show began with an overview of the Group’s history of innovation and was followed by a key note address from a different GF AgieCharmilles customer; detailed presentations that provided evidence about how GF AgieCharmilles continues to push technological boundaries; a number of machine demonstrations; a “meet the experts” networking opportunity, and a tour of the EDM manufacturing facility in Zandone.

With a promise to help customers “get on the front foot” to help outmanoeuvre the competition,
the ITS Show focused on GF AgieCharmilles’  Milling, EDM, Automations and Laser texturing technologies.

High-speed and high-efficiency Milling innovations exhibited at the event included the following:

The HSM 200U LP, a revolutionary and compact five-axis Milling machine for the production of small, high-precision parts. The machine features a breakthrough axis concept with linear drives on all of the machine’s axes, a flexible range of automation options, and the award-winning Intelligent Tool Measurement (ITM) system.

The HEM 500U is a flexible, compact, cost-competitive and easy to use five-axis Milling machine equipped with a newly developed rotary tilting table. The HEM 500U offers impressive performance delivering high accuracy, superior surface finishes and improved productivity, and provides customers with a reliable machining process.

On the EDM side, four innovations were in the spotlight:

The wire-cutting CUT 200 mS/Sp EDM machine with its state-of-the-art, intuitive AC CUT human-machine interface (HMI) functionality combines quality, productivity and control over production costs.

The CUT 200 mS/Sp, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, boasts active thermo-stabilization for best positioning accuracy, onboard PROFIL-EXPERT, POWER -EXPERT and TAPER-EXPERT 2  modules, and a wide range of smart functions to help boost performance.

The reengineered FORM 20, with its linear tool changer (LTC), is being promoted as a simple-to-use die-sink machine that from a reliability, versatility and price: performance perspective, cannot be beaten.

The machine features a high-power generator, a TECFORM module to enhance machining efficiency and reduce unproductive time, and easy setup for a quick start to erosion. The four-position LTC for the FORM 20 enhances productivity and further facilitates unmanned operations.

The FORM 2000 VHP represents a milestone in very high precision die-sinking and incorporates thermo-stabilization to control fluctuations in temperature. The machine body is assembled with highest accuracy and features a Z-axis cooled with dielectric. Laser testing of the machine in the final steps of machine build ensures perfect 3D positioning.

The DRILL 300 hole-drilling EDM machine is designed for the drilling of high-quality, high-precision holes without affecting surface integrity. Through its powerful, state-of-the-art electronics, ultra-fine pulses are optimised for EDM hole drilling operations and electrode wear is reduced to the bare minimum.

In addition to the machines on show, GF AgieCharmilles Customer Services presented a number of advanced preventive maintenance initiatives at ITS. These included:

. Calibration by laser interferometer to guarantee maximum accuracy of a machine’s axes
. Geometrical control to prevent wear on machine components
. Circularity test with a ballbar gauge to help diagnose machine performance issues.

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