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New Milling Technology Centre from Agie

New Milling Technology Centre from Agie

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 01 June 2012

GF AgieCharmilles has opened a new Milling Technology Centre in Ipsach (Switzerland), where it will showcase the Group' advanced, leading-edge Milling technology solutions.

The new 980 sq metre Technology Centre features a thermo-stabilised application area where visitors can see and experience the latest GF AgieCharmilles milling solutions at work. The Centre also boasts a reception area and a number of meeting and training rooms.

In addition to getting a close-up look at the wide range of products, visitors to the Centre can also meet and discuss their issues and manufacturing challenges directly with GF AgieCharmilles applications engineers, and tap into their experience and expertise.

The new Milling Technology Centre is proof that GF AgieCharmilles&rsquo milling expertise and prowess goes far beyond the design and manufacture of high-performance machine tools. It is also about the Group' process knowledge and application expertise in this dynamic and fast-changing technology area.

The Centre has been designed to replicate a modern, advanced manufacturing environment. In addition to welcoming visitors it also is very much a working centre where GF AgieCharmilles engineers will analyse, develop and test new and different machining processes and applications.


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