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Haas Automation produces 150,000th CNC machine

Haas Automation produces 150,000th CNC machine

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 02 April 2014

Haas Automation is pleased to announce another major milestone in the company’s history as one of the world’s leading machine tool builders – the production and installation of the 150,000th Haas CNC machine.

It was a mere 7 years ago that Haas Automation celebrated the installation of its 75,000th CNC machine – a VF-3SS purchased by a family-owned machining business in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The 150,000th machine – a DS-30SSY dual-spindle turning centre with Y axis – rolled off the Haas production line January 19, 2014, and was installed at Swedish company Claesson Engineering in March, following a special handing-over ceremony at the Manufacturing & Automation Expo (MAX) in Stockholm, Sweden.

'Installation of the 150,000th machine is a very special occasion for Haas Automation,' said Nick Remington, Managing Director, Haas UK. 'The fact that it has been bought by a European company – in the relatively high-cost region of Scandinavia – is further proof that the Haas combination of value, performance, reliability, and support is the right one for any market.

'In the UK we have installed over 1,000 machines in the last 26 months. Haas is continually investing large sums in our award winning back-up service and this is a key factor in driving our sales. We fully appreciate that by keeping our existing customers happy we will create more sales. We offer quality and performance, reliability and value, backed by the most carefully conceived service and support infrastructure of any machine tool company. I think it's fair to say our customers are our best form of advertising - just ask one!

'We now employ 35 strategically located engineers who drive purpose built Mercedes Vito vans with each one carrying £38,000 worth of common parts. Because we install more CNC machine tools than any other supplier, we monitor and grow our engineering department accordingly, ensuring we can maintain the high levels of service our customers expect.

'Furthermore, we now boast an engineer is within a 1.5 hour travel time of 95% of our machines, so they can rest assured that on those rare occasions a machine may need special attention, the right part is never far away and we will usually resolve any issues in one visit,' concluded Mr Remington.

The DS-30SSY combines dual-spindle turning with Y axis, C axis, and live tooling to create a powerful 'done-in-one' machining solution. The opposed spindles support fully synchronized turning and allow on-the-fly part pass-off to reduce cycle times. The machine provides 4″ of Y-axis travel (±2″ from the centreline) for off-centre milling, drilling, and tapping, and comes standard with high-torque live tooling and a servo-driven C axis for versatile 4-axis capability.

'It’s a great honour for us to be part of these celebrations,' said Edströms (Haas Sweden) company owner and CEO, Ola Andersson. 'Claesson Engineering is a valued customer, and has already invested in several Haas machine tools over the years, since it was founded in 2000. This celebration is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the achievements of all those involved, but the important thing is that the Haas machine will give the customer many years of profitable, reliable service.'

Haas Automation’s world headquarters in Oxnard, California, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that recently expanded to 1.3 million square feet. Haas produces all critical components in-house. Extensive use of lean manufacturing methods and just-in-time production practices allows the company to produce high-precision CNC products while maintaining value-based pricing. Widespread use of automated loaders and pallet systems allows 'lights out' operation for increased productivity and efficiency. This streamlined production, together with highly trained electronic and mechanical assembly teams, reduces cost and enhances quality.

Haas Automation manufactures four major product lines – VMCs, HMCs, CNC turning centres and rotary tables – as well as a number of large five-axis and specialty machines. The company currently employs 1,000 people, and continues to grow and expand the Haas product line. With the largest, most modern machine tool manufacturing facility in the United States, Haas ships more CNC machines per month than any other manufacturer and is expecting to install more than 14,000 in 2014.


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