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Haas DS 30 for complex component and one-hit machining
Haas DS 30 for complex component and one-hit machining

Haas DS 30 for complex component and one-hit machining

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 21 October 2014

HAAS has now introduced its new DS-30 Series of dual-spindle turning centres. The new addition to the Haas line has been developed to provide the ability to turn both ends of a part in a single setup to minimize operator handling, increase throughput, and reduce work-in-process. The opposed spindles support fully synchronized turning to reduce cycle times.

The new DS-30 has a capacity that allows a maximum turning diameter up to 457mm with a maximum turning length of 660mm. With a 22.4kW main spindle and 14.9kW secondary spindle, this powerful new addition to the Haas line offers precision turning for small component production with the diameter capacity and power to comfortably cater for large diameter parts.

Both spindles turn to 4 000 rpm and the 12-station tooling turret delivers exceptional flexibility with Y-axis capability. The driven tooling platen is driven by a 3.7kW motor that delivers exceptional power for milling operations. To accommodate large tools, the turret has a 102mm clearance for boring bars and large tooling. With rapids of 24m/min, the Haas DS-30 can also reduce chip-to chip times for end users.

Having reviewed this machine recently, MTDCNC is impressed by this latest offering from HAAS. With the remarkable success the company has achieved with its single spindle turning centres, it comes as no surprise that the company is now expanding its product line-up to offer end users greater capability and flexibility. This series is undoubtedly going to create some competition for the machine tool manufacturers that have always set their stall out in the ‘complex component & one-hit’ machining marketplace.


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