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Haas office mill two offers a remarkably small footprint

Haas office mill two offers a remarkably small footprint

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 14 August 2014

The new Office Mill Two (OM2) is a new and truly unique machining centre concept from Haas. Developed with a remarkably small footprint, the OM2 is ideal for any company to put in the office, garage or anywhere with a limited space capacity. To make the machine truly flexible for such environments, it has a single phase power source.

The OM2 has a table bed of 300mm in the X-axis and 250mm in the Y-axis that makes it suitable for relatively small parts whilst the high speed 35,000rpm spindle allows users to work at high speeds and feeds with small depths of cut. The result is an extremely productive machine that suits any environment. With its high operating speeds, the OM2 doesn't require a large, heavy cast bed  that can conduct heavy cutting.

It works on the principle of rapidly removing material with small depths of cut. This principle and footprint makes the OM2 suitable for the medical and dental industries as well as an ideal option for hobbyists or small garage run businesses.

This flexibility and adaptability to any environment is epitomised by the machines feet that can be replaced by wheels to move the machine anywhere around the workshop. Furthermore, a front loaded compartment allows easy access to the coolant sump and swarf tray. This enables the end user to empty chips and change coolant with exceptional ease.

The OM2 has an ATC with 20 tool stations with tool and workpiece probing from Renishaw as an additional option whilst the Haas CNC system provides a powerful, yet user friendly control system for efficiently producing parts.


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