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HAAS is the fully redesigned TL1 and TL2 turning centres
HAAS is the fully redesigned TL1 and TL2 turning centres

HAAS is the fully redesigned TL1 and TL2 turning centres

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 12 November 2015

Now available from HAAS is the fully redesigned TL1 and TL2 turning centres that are ideal for everything from training facilities and education establishments through to start up machine shops and more productive machine shops with a limited footprint. 

The entry level machine has always proven a popular choice among manufacturers making their first step into CNC, so this new redesign will undoubtedly appeal to most machine shops. From the outset, the top to bottom redesign is an attractive proposition. The new TL1 and TL2 have had new enclosures that are now fully integrated into the machine. This ergonomic design channels the swarf and coolant away from the work area and into the base of the machine where a channel has been installed to simplify the removal of swarf from the base of the machine.

With regard to the work area of the machines, HAAS is now installing LED lighting in its latest machines and this clearly provides more light, better visibility and reduced running costs with lights that also have a longer service life. 

Inside the machine the R&D team at HAAS has been busy developing improvements with the bulk head being moved further back than on the previous models. This better exposes the chuck for the operator to access and also allows the operator to use a chuck key without interference from the bulk head of the machine. With regard to the base, the redesign of the base now sees the ballscrew relocated to be between the linear guides whilst the guides have been moved closer together to improve rigidity and stability. The combination of these two design upgrades drastically improves rigidity, performance and tool life when machining. 

The rigidity enhancement is timely for the new TL 1 and TL 2, as the machines now have an upgraded spindle configuration with a 12hp vector drive for improved power. Furthermore the TL1, also has the larger and more powerful TL2 spindle design incorporated. This provides a higher spindle height, larger swing over bed and an 826 spindle nose. This enables users of the new TL1 to now utilise an 8 or 10 inch chuck, which wasn't previously possible. In addition, HAAS has moved from its traditional two bearing cartridge design to a three bearing configuration. This more robust solution is more commonly found on the larger ST turning centres from HAAS. This also gives the customer more power, more rigidity and faster acceleration and deceleration times that make this a significant upgrade for the new entry level machine.

With regards to the toolpost, HAAS can offer the manual toolpost or a four post automatic toolpost. To work in conjunction with the upgrades to the base, slideways and saddle, HAAS has also redesigned its coolant delivery system. This now eliminates any issues with coolant hoses and ensures the coolant is delivered to the cutting tool with no inconvenience to the operator. This coincides with the coolant sump being upgraded from 5 to 20 gallons and the pump being upgraded from 1/8 to 1/4hp to increase coolant flow and pressure to the work envelope. This improves component and workpiece cooling and it drastically improves the removal of chips from the work area.

For operators well versed in manual turning, HAAS has now removed the hand wheels from the new TL1 and TL2. Market research by HAAS led the machine tool builder to the understanding that customers only use the hand wheels to move the saddle to the workpiece and from that point, the control is used. This was instrumental in the decision to remove the hand wheels. To compensate for the removal of hand wheels, HAAS has provided better access to the control unit that has a pulse generator for operators to move the position of the tools. Furthermore, without hand wheels the operator has better access to the work area and the machinist can also be closer to the work area at all times. The other benefit of removing the hand wheels is that HAAS has now been able to treble the rapid feed rate on the new TL1 and TL2 whilst the programmable feed-rate has also more than doubled.

Despite all the design changes to the TL 1 and TL 2, HAAS wanted to retain the spirit of this popular line of machines. In this spirit, the company has retained the control system and this ensures that new and existing HAAS customers will all benefit from the user friendly  and intuitive control system that helps operators to make the transition from manual machining to CNC manufacturing. 


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