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Hardinge moves on after flood damage

Hardinge moves on after flood damage

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 05 July 2012

Flash floods that caused widespread damage in parts of Leicestershire and the East Midlands last Thursday (June 26th) have accelerated the previously announced UK headquarters move of Hardinge Machine Tools Limited.

In February 2011, Hardinge announced a premises consolidation between their two centres in Leicester - Hardinge Machine Tools in Whetstone and Jones & Shipman Grinding Limited in the north of the City.

The consolidation was progressing but flood damage to the offices at Hardinge Ltd last week has necessitated an acceleration of the move.

Offices were damaged by water entering through the roof structure but the showroom and machine preparation areas were largely untouched. By rapidly relocating the office operations to the J&S headquarters, telephone and computer communications have been fully restored to the original contact numbers with the Whetstone factory premises also now back to full operation.
&ldquoThere has been a massive team effort to both re-locate and re-connect Hardinge into the J&S operation,&rdquo says Martin Doyle, Hardinge UK Sales and Marketing Manager. &ldquoThe fact we were up and running early in the following week is a credit to our whole team and those outside contractors we were relying upon, particularly for communications,&rdquo he adds.

&ldquoAlthough parts of our operation are working under the same roof, both Hardinge and J&S retain their individual identities which was always the intention. The unfortunate events of last week have accelerated our longer term plans but thanks to the efforts of all our teams we have kept disruption for customers as minimal as possible. In all respects it is business as usual,&rdquo Martin Doyle concludes.

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