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Hardinge configures the ideal turning centre with ETG

Hardinge configures the ideal turning centre with ETG

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 04 July 2015

The success of the GS range of machine tools from Hardinge has been relentless in the marketplace, so MTD spoke to Hardinge's European Sales & Marketing Director, Mr John McTernan to find out more...

Stood in front of a Hardinge GS200, John explains to MTD: 'The GS200 is part of a family of machines that are in the mid-range area with the basic machine being the GS150, then the GS200 and GS250, the GS long-bed and the GS 266. So, the GS line is a platform of lathes that give the capability of having either a chuck capability or a collet solution. Depending on where the customer is for requirements, we can scale it, to give basic chucking for basic operations for general subcontract work or we can deliver a sub-micron solution with excellent precision also.'

'The GS150 and GS200 are a generic product that you will find across Europe, Asia and North and South America as they are suitable for all types of subcontract or job shop work. With these machines you can also have up to 12 live tools, 2-axis or sub-spindle, so they are suited to a variety of machine shops.'

Based on a modular platform, Hardinge can configure the machines for bar workers using collets. To this end, the company has high specification spindles produced in the USA and these can be integrated into the base machine to improve precision and power. It is at this point, customers will often upgrade the tooling packages, consider a more stable and thermally controlled base and also look at other options such as a VDI tooling turret, Siemens or Fanuc control units. Whatever the need, Hardinge can configure a suitable solutions.

With the recent re-structuring news breaking from the ETG Group that represents Hardinge in the UK, we asked John about the relationship with the ETG Group?

'In the latter years, we have put as much of our efforts as possible into developing new products, so we have focused on a more indirect sales organisation by using good and key distribution outlets. We have focused on bringing good engineers into the company to deliver a global engineering team for brining machines to market. So, with the UK being the home and key market, we wanted to work with a company that operates with the same values as us - and that is ETG. We have been able to successfully transplant the whole of what was Hardinge machine tools in the UK, which was service, spares, sales and the company and product philosophy into the ETG Group. Some of the key members of their organisation were the key members of Hardinge Machine Tools. We are very pleased to work with ETG and we know they will carry on the tradition of goodwill with the customers and the service levels the market requires.'

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