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New Hardinge is an All-Rounder with Turning & Grinding in one machine
New Hardinge is an All-Rounder with Turning & Grinding in one machine

New Hardinge is an All-Rounder with Turning & Grinding in one machine

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 03 July 2015

At the launch event of the Engineering Technology Group's (ETG) Permanent Trade Show (PTS), the company presented its latest Hardinge machine, the GT27SP super precision lathe.

The new turning centre can be equipped with up to three grinding spindles that makes the machine ideal for producing high quality, high precision parts from a range of materials that include hard and particularly difficult to machine materials.

The grinding spindles are available with 30,000, 50,000, 80,000 or 100,000rpm speeds with surface finishes of 8 micro-inch and exacting part roundness of 0.000015 inches.  The lathe can produce continuous machining accuracy of 0.0002 inches giving it a consistency level that supports SPC requirements of production environments.

The GT27 is available from the ETG in Southam, the exclusive distributors for Hardinge Machine Tools in the UK. Furthermore, ETG provides extensive engineering and technical support throughout the lifetime of the machine.
Features of the lathe include the patented Hardinge inter-changeable top plate and the quick change collet ready spindle. The machine features advanced automation capability offering piece part or bar feed. This extends the capability of the machine between the parameters of stand-alone component machining to very high capacity.

As standard, the main spindle is a 5C collet ready unit accommodating bar work up to 27mm diameter. However, the GT27SP can be equipped with a ‘Big-Bore’ version to handle parts up to 42mm diameter.  The versatility of the GT27 is further enhanced by the use of the same machine bed to create a CHNC version with either a 4 station or 8 station indexer in place of the top plate.  

The impressive new innovation is available with a host of standard features that include rigid tapping, variable lead thread cutting, run time and parts counter. The CHNC version is available in the turning version only.

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