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Heckert's Solid Rock Horzontals Are

Heckert's Solid Rock Horzontals Are "The Most Thermally-Stable Machining Centres In The World!"

Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 31 January 2017

The combination of water-cooled main drive motors and ballscrews, plus a temperature-controlled structure, a natural granite machine bed and thermal compensation of the linear and rotary axes, has resulted in the Heckert Solid Rock machining centres - said to be the most thermally stable horizontal machining centres available.

These high levels of machine accuracy, says Starrag UK, result in unrivalled component quality and low tool wear, thus reinforcing Starrag’s declared aim of ‘Engineering precisely what you value’.

A positioning accuracy of just four microns in linear axes and only 4 secs of arc in the NC rotary table – compared to six microns and six secs of arc on conventional machining centres - applies to the four-machine Heckert HEC 1000/1250/1600/1800 models.

The four machines boast X, Y and Z axes travels from 1,700 mm by 1,250 mm by 1,850 mm (on the HEC 1000) up to 3,400 mm by 2,800 mm by 2,250 mm (HEC 1800).

The use of an innovative ‘jacket’ creates a machine base that is thermally insulated against ambient temperatures and internal heat sources, and a temperature control system guarantees to keep all structural components at a constant temperature – thus eliminating the chance of fluctuations between foundation and machine base and bed.

In addition, the granite bed offers similar static and dynamic properties as a steel version but no thermal disadvantages – it has a 50 per cent lower co-efficient of linear expansion - nor magnetic or corrosion issues. Also, the use of water-cooled motors and ballscrews ensures uniform heat control and, in terms of the ballscrews, excellent heat dissipation.

Importantly, too, routines in the machines’ CNC system include functionality that corrects any tool centre point displacements.

Heckert’s Solid Rock machining centres “are the most thermally stable horizontal machining centres available”

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