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Hermle becomes Tier One member of Nuclear AMRC

Hermle becomes Tier One member of Nuclear AMRC

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 03 July 2012

Hermle has been appointed a Tier One member of the Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) at The University of Sheffield's Rotherham facility. As a consequence, the next major addition to the machining resources there will be a Hermle C60 U MT. It is scheduled for delivery in October 2012 by the German manufacturer's agent in the UK and Ireland, Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools.

The machine is a 5-axis machining centre with turning capability and 150-bar through spindle coolant, capable of working on parts up to 1,200 mm diameter by 900 mm high and 1,400 kg in weight. Applications centre on high performance machining of large, complex components to high accuracy.

As with all the Nuclear AMRC&rsquos resources, the Hermle centre will be available for collaborative research with members and other companies.

Franz-Xaver Bernhard, Technical Director of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle, said, "We are delighted to be appointed to the highest level of Nuclear AMRC membership, as we will take a seat on the board and have the opportunity to influence the direction of future research in our area of high-added-value machining."

Stuart Dawson, head of machining at the Nuclear AMRC, said: "The agility, precision and 5-axis mill-turn capability of the Hermle C60 will help us make real advances in high-performance manufacturing for the energy industry.

"It gives us new capabilities to develop innovative advanced machining techniques for large components such as pump and valve bodies.

"The C60 and Hermle's supporting expertise will bring huge benefits to manufacturing companies and we are delighted to welcome this machine builder to the Nuclear AMRC partnership."

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