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Economical high-specification vertical machining centres from Feeler
Economical high-specification vertical machining centres from Feeler

Economical high-specification vertical machining centres from Feeler

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 02 September 2013

New special-edition Feeler VMP eco Series vertical machining centres offer the chance to buy a high specification machine at a very economical price.

Feeler UK, a member of the Engineering Technology Group, is offering a standardised specification series that offers all the performance and features of the VMP range at around 25% below the normal list price.

The two machines in the eco Series – the VMP-760 eco and the VMP-1000 eco – are reliable, robust, general-purpose workhorse machining centres. The specification has been chosen to be ideal for the subcontractor and to allow them to be priced at the bottom of the market, yet give the performance and capabilities of a mid-range machine.

The VMP-1000 eco offers a 1020mm (X) by 520mm (Y) by 505mm (Z) working area with axis travel speeds of 40m/min in X and Y and 30m/min in the box guideway Z-axis.

A 10,000rpm BIG-PLUS 40 taper spindle gives up to 18.5kW of power and 117.7Nm of torque and is combined with a 24-station dual swing arm tool changer.

The smaller VMP-700 eco has a 760mm by 42mm by 510mm working envelope (X,Y,Z) with 36m/min  travel speeds in all axes. Again fitted with a 10,000rpm BIG-PLUS 40 taper spindle, this offers spindle power up to 11kW and 56Nm of torque and is combined with a 20-station tool changer with a tool-to-tool time of 2s.

Both machines come complete with chip conveyor, flushing system, preparation for through-spindle cooling and a choice of Fanuc 0iMD, Siemens 828D or Heidenhain iTNC530 control. A fourth axis can be retrofitted by Feeler UK’s partner company, Engineering Solutions.

Feeler UK Technical Director Martin Price said: 'Feeler are always value for money, but these are even better value. We have taken nothing out of the specification, but focusing on standard models has given us the economy of scale to offer the eco Series machines at an exceptional price.'

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