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High speed EDM drilling unit from FANUC
High speed EDM drilling unit from FANUC

High speed EDM drilling unit from FANUC

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 05 February 2016

FANUC UK has now introduced its new high speed EDM 'start hole' drilling unit that can be integrated into its extensive line of wire EDM machines. 

The new FANUC system enables customers to drill directly on wire EDM machines by simply inputting an M-Code. It doesn't require the re-setting of workpieces on separate machines, thereby providing fast and easy drill and cut processes. Fully integrated into the wire EDM machine, the new retrofit unit is ideal for producing holes prior to feeding wire through components. 

What's more, the new system is compact and easy to install. The compact system includes mechanical parts such as linear guide ways, spindle and a chuck that is supported by a high pressure pumping unit, generator box, CNC and power amplifier. 

The new retrofit option is available in two configurations, the 'E' (Easy) and 'P' (Profile) models. The FANUC 'E' model has an integrated generator, an electrode diameter of 1mm and a high pressure pump as an optional extra. In comparison, the 'P' model has a stand-alone 30A generator, 15 step capacitors and the ability to run electrode diameters from 0.2mm to 3mm. For further details on how FANUC can enhance your productivity and flexibility with this new retrofit option, please call your local FANUC UK dealer.

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