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23 orders worth over £1 million were placed at the Hurco Open House
23 orders worth over £1 million were placed at the Hurco Open House

23 orders worth over £1 million were placed at the Hurco Open House

Added to MTDCNC by Hurco Europe Ltd on 09 May 2013

Over 100 visitors representing 78 companies from the UK and the Republic of Ireland attended Hurco Europe's latest Open House, held at the company's High Wycombe showroom from 23rd to 25th April 2013. During the three days, 23 orders worth over £1 million were placed.

The event marked the UK launch of a new series of 'intelligent' machining centres with enhanced control technology, diagnostics and networking, as well as energy efficient electrics and improved hardware. A complete rebranding of the company's machine tool livery and logo accompanied the other announcements.

A lot of interest was shown by existing customers, who wanted to see the improvements first hand. However, approximately 40 per cent of orders were placed by new customers, an average that Hurco has maintained over the past 12 years. It has underpinned the company's 15 per cent average year-on-year turnover increase during that period.

A further reason for the impressive growth rate is the expansion of the machining centre range to include 5-axis models and large bridge-type machines, and the introduction of a programme of CNC lathes in 2006, initiatives that have seen the product range grow to 45.

Managing director David Waghorn commented, "Our automotive, aerospace and motor sport customers are all busy at the moment and investing in machines, but we are also seeing a lot of activity in the general subcontract and mould making sectors.

"Although there remains some uncertainty about the future, visitors were generally upbeat. People were booking demonstrations for later in May because they were so busy at the end of April.

"We received many positive comments about the appearance of the new machines and the rebranding in general."

Mr Waghorn went on to say that considerable interest was shown in the new UltiMotion software, now standard on all of Hurco's 'intelligent' machining centres, including 5-axis models. Machines equipped with the software were clearly seen to operate faster and more smoothly in the High Wycombe showroom. More than 50 of the requested quotations following the Open House included an upgrade to, or the addition of, UltiMotion.

It uses advanced algorithm software that takes the load off the hardware-based motion control board, making sure there is sufficient dynamic look-ahead (up to 10,000 blocks) to optimise the cutting cycle. Cornering is smoother and up to 2.5 times faster, with 50 per cent less machine jerk, negligible deviation and no overshoot or undershoot.

The feature gives 25 to 30 per cent faster production cycles and improved surface finish and works equally well with conversational part programs and NC programs. The reduction in cycle time increases with the complexity of the part and with the addition of repetitive tasks, such as drilling and tapping.

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