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Hurco Turnover exceeds £20 million, a 27 percent increase..

Hurco Turnover exceeds £20 million, a 27 percent increase..

Added to MTDCNC by Hurco Europe Ltd on 17 December 2012

Eighty visitors representing 58 companies from the UK and the Republic of Ireland were welcomed at Hurco Europe's traditional pre-Christmas open house, held from 4th to 6th December 2012.

The event boosted order intake, resulting in the sale of seven machines in the first seven days of December, with a significant number of additional orders expected before the end of 2012.

The company's financial year ran to 31st October. Turnover exceeded £20 million for the first time, representing a 27 per cent increase on 2010/2011, which was itself a record year.

Another figure of note was the number of machines sold, which increased by 11 per cent to break 300 for the first time, while the average value of each unit sold rose by £8,500. The proportion of new companies buying Hurco equipment reached two-fifths, roughly the same as last year, which is a good indicator of sustainable business growth.

Managing director David Waghorn commented, "Average order value was greater this year for a number of reasons. One is that more people are migrating from 4-axis machining centres to higher cost 5-axis Hurco models, which are selling particularly well with 26 ordered during the year.

"Another reason for raised selling prices is the increasing popularity of extra functionality, such as higher spindle speed options, full swarf management, through-tool coolant and probing for parts and tools.

"Additionally, we have added larger and hence more expensive machines to our range. They include the DCX twin-column, bridge-type machining centres for machining parts weighing up to 11 tonnes; and our TM12 and TM18 CNC lathes, the latter capable of turning components over two metres in length"

Lathe sales during the year as a proportion of the total increased to account for 30 per cent of turnover. There was a lot of interest at the show in the largest TM18L model with 54 kW spindle, 18" hydraulic chuck and programmable tailstock, which was offered as one of Hurco's 12 Bargains of Christmas at 27 per cent off list price.

The strength of Hurco's Windows-based conversational programming and control software, WinMax, on both its turning and machining centres continues to be a major driver of sales. Enhanced ability to import externally prepared NC code and merge it with cycles created conversationally is proving very popular.

In addition to selling its US parent company's machine tools, Hurco Europe is sole agent in Britain and Ireland for the German-built Roeders range of high precision, 3/5-axis machining centres, which can achieve exceptional levels of accuracy and surface finish. Four were sold by Hurco during 2010/11. The latest news from this manufacturer is that it is adding machines of higher capacity to its range, intends to increase spindle power across the board, and has now standardised on linear motors in X, Y and Z and direct drives on all rotary axes.

As always, products and services from a number of partner companies were in evidence at the show including CADCAM software from Open Mind and Delcam; tooling from SGS and Gewefa; coolants and cutting oils from MacInnes Tooling; Romheld, Thame and 1st MTA/Kitagawa workholding equipment and rotary tables; and Renishaw probing solutions.

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