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Hurco VM10 VMC and a TM6 CNC lathe at Southern Manufacturing

Hurco VM10 VMC and a TM6 CNC lathe at Southern Manufacturing

Added to MTDCNC by Hurco Europe Ltd on 15 November 2012

Hurco Europe will show a VM10 vertical machining centre (VMC) and a TM6 CNC lathe at the exhibition in support of its 'compact production solutions' theme. The company's message is that a huge amount of flexible productivity can be derived from a small space on a shop floor due to the compactness of these and other Hurco machine tools.

Within a footprint of nominally 1.8 m by 1.6 m, the VM10 offers a working volume of 660 x 406 X 508 mm, which is one of the best ratios of any VMC on the market. A 20-station swing-arm toolchanger and 24 m/min rapids help to minimise non-cutting time, while a 762 x 406 mm table with a maximum weight capacity of 340 kg and a 11 kW / 73.6 Nm spindle contribute to a comprehensive package.

Likewise, the TM6 slant-bed turning centre has a tiny footprint for its specification, which includes a 6-inch chuck and a maximum cutting diameter of 316 mm. Distance between centres is 403 mm. The machine is ideally sized for even the smallest of shops and is well suited to bar work up to 42 mm diameter. The single-piece bed casting provides excellent control of cutting forces. Chip management is included in the competitive price, as are a 3-jaw chuck and a Renishaw tool presetter.

Both machines benefit from Hurco's WinMax conversational / NC programming software and the controls are also able to import externally prepared programs. Investing in the two machines provides considerable production flexibility at a fraction of the cost of a multi-purpose machine, says the manufacturer.

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