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Industry 4.0 – How to take advantage with Tornos TISIS
Industry 4.0 – How to take advantage with Tornos TISIS
Industry 4.0 – How to take advantage with Tornos TISIS
Industry 4.0 – How to take advantage with Tornos TISIS

Industry 4.0 – How to take advantage with Tornos TISIS

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 28 July 2016

Today, we hear a lot about Industry 4.0, the industrial revolution that is going to digitise production and completely change our current era of manufacturing. There is reams of information about how this concept can meet our actual requirements. Tornos cuts through all this with its latest version of TISIS software.

Why Industry 4.0? On the whole, the advantages achieved by a turn towards the digital economy are flexibility of production and the individualisation of the products that take all conceivable parameters into account. The concept helps to create personalised mass products while streamlining production. The ultimate goal is to deliver increasingly customised products and solutions to the customers at prices and deadlines that are satisfactory for both the vendor and the customer. One of the consequences is the required programming flexibility.

A comprehensive range of services

The TISIS program is offered as an option that allows manufacturers to program the complete range of Tornos products. It is available for rather simple machines working with ISO programs but also for more complex machines such as the machines EvoDeco range. The software allows machines to be programmed and also allows interaction using a simple tablet computer or smartphone. To be able to link the world of production with the current concepts of Industry 4.0, the machines must be equipped with more intelligence. Against this background, the various Tornos machines have an industrial PC that serves both as data server and storage server.

TISIS – programming and much more

TISIS is offered in several versions. The light version allows programming while the comprehensive version includes programming, set-up and data management support functions as well as an optional CAD/CAM system that allows complex shapes to be easily programmed. The Connectivity Pack enables production tracking via TISIS Tab (mobile version for Android and Apple peripherals) and includes the optional TISIS i4.0 production tracking function and set-up support function via a camera system.

Six simple stages

With TISIS, the overall production can be divided into six simple stages: programming, tool selection, data transfer to the machine, set-up, real-time production monitoring and tracking and also an efficiency evaluation.

The programming wizard enables the comprehensive documentation of all workpiece data. By means of the mobile TISIS Tab application, it allows the registration and the visualisation of drawings and photographs that have been made or taken directly during set-up. When the program is re-started any operator can directly check all parameters and characteristics in the programming software.

As far as actual programming is concerned, numerous refined functions simplify the operator’s life. For instance, he can opt for highlighting certain parts by colors and decide to register recurring operations in a directory that can be called on request. An ISO-code data base is available at any time and this gives the operator the right code.

Depending on the geometries to be programmed, the ISO code system can often be difficult to use. For such cases, TISIS comprises a CAD/CAM module that enables programming based on a 3D model. The program can be optimised where required by means of the TISIS editor and the GANTT chart.

The directory of the available tools is synchronised with the machine configuration. The arrangement of tools in TISIS exactly corresponds to the tool layout in the machining area. The software directly shows the position of the tools and avoids any risk of interference. Any assembly errors or incompatibilities are avoided from the very beginning. Once the program has been compiled, it is transferred to the machine via a simple USB flash drive or via the company network. This connectivity is bi-directional. Based on tool selection and arrangement in TISIS, the actual tool set-up is simplified with the 'virtual wizard'.

Real-time production tracking enables the operator to view progress in real time and consequently determine the deadlines and the availability of the machines as precisely as possible. With this tracking function, it is possible to view the detailed machine parameters as well as parameters of the entire workshop. The connectivity ensured by the TISIS Tab includes a function to immediately inform the user of unexpected events directly via smartphone.

Efficiency evaluation with TISIS i4.0

The efficiency of each machine and of the entire workshop is available upon request. It can be displayed easily to give a quick overview. The efficiency display is based on certain parameters that can be selected as desired. The efficiency can thus be viewed by machine or by machine group or by time parameters such as by day, week, month or year. The system is comprehensive and fully autonomous and the history of each machine is permanently saved.

With TISIS, TISIS Tab and Connectivity Pack, the Tornos user can work more efficiently and is better informed about the production status of the machine and even the workshop. A TISIS evaluation software version can be downloaded from the Tornos website under http://store.tornos.com/en. If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact Tornos.

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