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KAFO KA-32 Vertical Machining Centre available from TDT Technology

KAFO KA-32 Vertical Machining Centre available from TDT Technology

Added to MTDCNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 10 July 2015

Now available from TDT Technology is the new line of Kafo KA-32 3-axis vertical machining centres for precision machining of small to medium sized components. 

The new line of machining centres from TDT Technology incorporates motors and ballscrews that are directly driven and pre-pulled to improve precision and eliminate backlash. Furthermore, this reduces noise and vibration, which enhances surface finishes for the end user. With high precision 35mm ball type linear guide ways, the new KA-32 Series can achieve 36m/min rapids on each axis with cutting rates of 10m/min possible.

Packed into the small footprint machine is an X, Y and Z axes travel of 850 by 520 by 635mm respectively. Within this sizable area, customers can load parts up to 500kg inside the 2682 by 2563 by 2974mm (WxLxH) overall machine dimension. The KA-32 Series has a direct drive 10,000rpm spindle with a BT40 configuration that is driven by a powerful 7.5/11kW motor. 

With power, precision and high speed all being features that are packed into the Kafo KA-32, the new machine will be the ideal addition to any modern machine shop. From a flexibility perspective, the KA-32 has a 24 ATC CAM type tool changer that can accommodate a maximum tool length of 300mm with an weight limit of 7kgs. Taking flexibility to a whole new level and ensuring the KA-32 can fit straight into any machine shop, the range can be specified with a choice of CNC control units that include a Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain or Mitsubishi. 

Like most machine tools in the Kafo range, the end user can specify a range of features to suit individual demands. With the KA-32, this includes the option of a 12,000rpm spindle, a 16, 32 or 40 tool change unit, through spindle coolant, chip flushing coolant, screw type swarf conveyor or lift conveyor with bucket, tool and workpiece measurement systems and 4th axis interface to name a few. For further details on this impressive new range, please contact TDT Technology.

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