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KASTOpractical A2 Pivot-type bandsawing machine

KASTOpractical A2 Pivot-type bandsawing machine

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 25 September 2012

Newly added to KASTO's compact saw programme and launched at the AMB 2012 exhibition in Stuttgart (18th to 22nd September), the KASTOpractical A2 is an economically priced, pivot-type bandsawing machine for cutting to length and mitring jobs in small to medium size businesses.

The saw head can be quickly indexed 45 degrees to the left or up to 60 degrees to the right, regardless of whether solid, tubular or profile stock is being processed. Operating range for straight cuts is 230 mm round, 300 x 170 mm flat or 220 x 220 mm square. Capacity when mitring at 45 degrees is 190 x 190 mm.

Equipped with a durable, two-speed saw motor with 1.1/1.5 kW of power, cutting speeds up to 35 or 70 m/min are delivered, depending on material and feed. With an optional, frequency-controlled 1.5 kW drive, cutting speed is infinitely variable from 20 to 90 m/min. The stepless saw blade downfeed saves both time and material when processing stock starting in size from 10 mm diameter.

Numerically controlled material feed (single 500 mm, multiple up to 9,999 mm), automatic hydraulic horizontal clamping and the abilities of the KASTOBasicControl combine to ensure minimum non-cutting times and high output in automatic operation.

Since the pivot point of the saw unit is optimally located at the intersection of saw blade and the plane of the material support table, length correction when adjusting the mitre angle is not required. Additionally, the design lends itself to producing accurate straight cuts. In combination with cut piece lengths down to 10 mm in manual and automatic operation and short remnant lengths, maximum material yield is assured.

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