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Kerf awarded Master Service & Support status for Burny Kaliburn
Kerf awarded Master Service & Support status for Burny Kaliburn

Kerf awarded Master Service & Support status for Burny Kaliburn

Added to MTDCNC by Kerf Developments Ltd on 02 July 2014

The globally renowned Burny Kaliburn brands (part of Lincoln Electric) have recognised Rochdale based Kerf Developments with the award of their prestigious Master Service & Support Centre status for the UK & Ireland.

The award recognises the investment that Kerf has made over last 12 months in providing the highest possible levels of service and support to its customers in the UK & Ireland. Commenting upon this status, Kerf Developments Managing Director, Mr Dan Taylor believes: 'We have been continually evolving our products and are conscious that service and support is a key element of any solution. To this end, we have worked closely with Burny & Kaliburn to integrate their products into our machines. We have committed our staff to extensive and ongoing training on the Burny, Kaliburn and Inova range of control systems, plasma systems and torch height control units.'

This continuous training program sees Kerf staff undergoing regular internal training as well as training at Burny in Germany on the latest software and product updates. As Europe’s largest installer of Burny and Kaliburn systems, the benefit to the customer is the expertise and service levels available from Kerf that instils confidence in the end user. This service level is guaranteed by Kerf's investment in remote diagnostic support for customers. Kerf has invested heavily in computer and networking software to provide this feature to its customers, so the end user has a cutting machine that can be remotely interrogated by the Kerf engineer to maximise uptime and eliminate costly, time consuming downtime and engineer call-outs.

Affirming the level of service and support provided by Kerf, the International Sales Director for Burny-Kaliburn, Mr Chris Desmond comments: 'We supply our systems to a number of machine manufacturers and Kerf is currently the most pro-active within Europe with respect to training, service and support, spare part supply and providing an overall package to its end users. One clear example of this is Kerf's extensive stock holding of consumables and spare parts. Kerf can supply its customers with spares and parts within 24 hours.'

Mr Desmond continues: 'Many OEMs offer little or no support for their machines as the product knowledge, expertise and spare part availability is often very limited. Kerf has invested heavily in providing full support for machines that are supplied by alternate vendors with Burny-Kaliburn and Legacy systems, whereas the OEM's that originally supplied the machine may have no UK support facility and in many instances have not kept up to date with existing product developments, let alone systems that may be over 30 years old.'

Concluding on the Kerf commitment to the UK and Ireland marketplace, Mr Desmond says: 'Our philosophy is that the Burny and Kaliburn brands have evolved to work in perfect synergy with each other. This product alignment enables our control and plasma systems to provide ease of use with high levels of automation for significantly improved productivity. Additionally, as the systems have been designed to work together, the cutting quality and finishes are dramatically improved. Unlike many Profile cutting machine manufacturers, Kerf has installed demo machines at its facility. This not only highlights the quality of the Kerf machines and its cutting solutions but also how the machines work in perfect synergy with the Burny-Kaliburn systems to optimise productivity and quality. Furthermore, it provides a training facility for end users.'

'Like us, Kerf's primary concern is to keep the end user in a high productivity environment whether this is eliminating downtime through excellent service, retrofitting new controls to old machines or supplying new cutting machines,' says Mr Desmond.

To coincide with the new status of Master Service & Support Centre, Kerf will be moving to larger premises in the near future where in addition to holding stocks of new machines, spare parts and consumables, the company will be launching a new and unique technology centre where customers will be able to evaluate a number of oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting machines.

As Mr Taylor concludes: “We are aiming to provide an environment where customers can see for themselves how easy it is to take design ideas and turn them into finished parts and in doing so see the benefits of the various cutting technologies that Kerf offer. Customers will be free to spend time on the various machines and ensure that they are comfortable with their decision prior to ordering systems from us'.

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