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Kerf Lays Success on The Table With Kemper
Kerf Lays Success on The Table With Kemper

Kerf Lays Success on The Table With Kemper

Added to MTDCNC by Kerf Developments Ltd on 12 August 2013

Having enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Kemper, Kerf Developments is pleased to announce that it is extending its relationship with the market leading German manufacturer of extraction systems for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines. After a decade of providing high quality solutions to Rochdale based Kerf; the Lancashire company has been delighted with the new innovations that Kemper is creating to keep Kerf ahead of its competition.

Commenting upon the relationship, Mr Craig Walsh, Sales Director of Kerf Developments believes: 'We initially chose to work with Kemper because their product quality is second to none, and to incorporate this technology into the Kerf range of Plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting machines has only served to strengthen the quality and reputation of our range over the last decade. As a company that continually evolves to maintain its position as the benchmark in Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting technology, we are intent upon incorporating the latest technology into our product lines and Kemper never fails to impress us with their new innovations.'

Since its inception in 1977, Kemper has built an enviable reputation for products that control hazardous smoke and pollutants that are generated during welding and cutting to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. The smoke generated during the thermal cutting of metal must be extracted to prevent any risk arising to anyone in the vicinity. Dust, sparks and smoke represent a risk to the human element as well as the machinery and the surrounding work area, therefore an effective extraction system is absolutely essential.

The performance of an extraction system is very much dependent on the design of the extraction table and this is where Kerf sets itself apart from the competition.  To keep the extraction rate at an efficient and optimum level whilst reducing power consumption, the table is divided into individual extraction segments. As a matter of course, the individual segments can be controlled automatically via the cutting machine, making Kerf cutting machines far more efficient, cost effective and environmentally feasible for the end user.

During the plasma or flame cutting process, an issue occurs whereby the high cutting pressures push dust, sparks and fumes into the table where a swirling motion raises waste to the top of the table. Conventional extraction from the bottom or the side of the table is not sufficient and leads to an increased exposure of employees to fumes, not to mention the contamination to the machine shop and buildings.

KEMPER has designed its extraction systems to separate the coarse particles and sparks into dust boxes whilst gases and finer particles rise to the top of the table and are captured by the integrated surface extraction system and separated by a connected filter unit.

The extraction tables have been designed to prolong periods between cleaning by incorporating large dross collectors. This significantly reduces cost, machine downtime and servicing requirements.

There are a multitude of options available on the Kerf range of Plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting machines to deliver profitable and highly productive solutions for the end user.

The benefits on the KemTab Basic are extended cleaning intervals, improved cutting quality and efficient extraction of dust and dross. The KemTab Advance offers all the benefits of the Basic unit, but as a more robust extraction table it can accommodate sheet material thicknesses up to 200mm. For extremely demanding scenarios, the Kemper HiEnd table can be fitted to the Kerf Series of machines. Capable of supporting cutting performances in excess of 600 amperes and sheet thicknesses over 250mm, the rugged HiEnd has a load bearing design that provides high temperature resistance, minimal downtime, low resistance extraction channels and remarkable rigidity.

For optimal productivity, the KemTab Vibro has been developed with an automated discharge system. This allows continuous production without stopping operations for cleaning procedures. Utilising an oscillating conveyor system, the dross and swarf is continually moved to a container at the end of the table - the result is much higher machine utilisation.

Kerf customers acquiring Plasma and Oxy Fuel systems can reduce noise levels and minimise distortion by cutting above or below water with the Kemper Series of KemTab Aqua tables. With adjustable water levels, the truly flexible tables are ideal for eliminating airborne pollutants and minimising burrs on components. Not only can Kerf offer its customer base this extraordinary range of options and the associated benefits, but through Kemper, Kerf can also supply standalone dust and fume extraction units that are sound suppressed to guarantee the customer maintains a clean and safe working environment for its workforce.

For more information on the multitude of Kemper innovations that are available on Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting machines manufactured by Kerf Developments, or to simply have your existing Kemper system serviced please contact us on Tel: 01706 757 670

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