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Kerf To Give New Machine Exhibition Premiere at MACH 2016
Kerf To Give New Machine Exhibition Premiere at MACH 2016

Kerf To Give New Machine Exhibition Premiere at MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by Kerf Developments Ltd on 19 January 2016

Visitors to Hall 4 at MACH 2016 will get the opportunity to see the exhibition premiere of Kerf Developments' new Plasmaster 3015 plasma cutting machine. On Stand 4466, Kerf will be using MACH to launch the latest additions to its product portfolio, which will include the Plasmaster 3015 and the renowned RUR2500.


The new Plasmaster 3015 and 3015HD (heavy duty) are described as entry level plasma cutting machines designed by Kerf and built with 'Best-in-Class' components to deliver exceptional levels of performance and reliability. The machine at MACH will be fitted with a Tomahawk plasma unit that can also be used for manual hand cutting.


Kerf has built an enviable reputation for the quality of its high definition plasma cutting product range. However, as with all quality products, the price can be restrictive for some businesses looking for an entry level machine at an affordable level. Until now, Kerf has catered for entry level customers on restricted budgets with its refurbished second hand stock. However, the Plasmaster 3015, gives end users the option of a cost effective machine to suit all budgets whilst filling the void between Kerf's entry level RUR range of high definition plasma cutting machines and the second hand options.


The Plasmaster 3015 at MACH will be shown with a 3m by 1.5m bed that is ideal for loading steel sheets up to 12mm thick. For heavier duty needs, Kerf can provide its 3015HD machine that can support sheet thicknesses up to 25mm. As an entry level machine, the Plasmaster targets competitor machines that have historically been designed and developed for the hobbyist or educational markets. With the new Plasmaster, the target applications range from those wanting to cut thin materials such as ductwork, right the way through to heavy duty fabricators needing to cut thicker materials. 


The bed of the Plasmaster machine consists of a heavy duty plate support system that contains individual dross bins that can be easily accessed to remove waste material. The engineers at Kerf designed the base to be free standing and not connected to the machine frame. This eliminates any potential shock loading issues and significantly enhances the process reliability of the Plasmaster 3015.


Kerf has also built the machine with its renowned Burny control and drive system with Smart HC intelligent height control. Furthermore, the machine incorporates linear bearings on the X, Y and Z axes that guarantee a very smooth cutting motion, positional accuracy, outstanding cut quality and excellent repeatability.


The exhibition will also be the opportunity for visitors to see the highly acclaimed Kerf RUR high definition plasma cutting machine with the Lincoln Electric Spirit plasma units with Ultrasharp cutting. This machine produces excellent quality products in flat plate and sectional material such as angles and box sections. The process offers a viable alternative to other processes such as waterjet and laser cutting.


If you have any queries on plasma, waterjet or oxy-fuel cutting and the application range for each technology, the Kerf team will be on hand at MACH to offer their expert advice and guidance. For further details, please visit Kerf Developments on Stand 4466.

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