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Kitamura Mycenter 4XT new from Leader CNC

Kitamura Mycenter 4XT new from Leader CNC

Added to MTDCNC by Leader CNC Technologies Ltd on 05 November 2014

Just when you thought a high quality 5-axis machining centre was too expensive, Leader CNC has now introduced the new Kitamura Mycenter 4XT. The new Mycenter 4XT offers a built-in 4th and 5th axis trunnion table that sits within a large machining area to deliver flexibility, capability and productivity - all at an affordable price.

Renowned for quality and precision, the key advantages with the Mycenter 4XT is its ability to reduce cycle times through the elimination of manual workpiece positioning. It also reduces tool changeovers, improves precision and provides impeccable surface finishes to make secondary operations a thing of the past.

With a work envelope of 800 by 610 by 510mm in X, Y and Z axes and an A-axis tilt travel of -42 to +120 degrees plus a 0 to 260 rotational C-axis, the Mycenter 4XT delivers a spacious work area that also provides flexibility. The X, Y and Z axes feature a solid box guideway configuration that incorporates a unique 4-slideway base construction design. This construction design enhances vibration absorption, improves surface finishes and extends tool life. The core casting that this impressive work area is built upon, is a heavily ribbed high grade Meehanite cast that further improves the rigidity and precision characteristics.

Upon this high quality construction is a dual contact spindle that delivers an exciting combination of high speed for intricate 4+1 axis jobs and unrelenting power for heavy cutting applications. This is delivered via a BT40 spindle taper with a speed range from 20 to 15,000rpm and a high torque 26kW power output.  To match this tantalising combination of power and speed, Kitamura has given the new Mycenter 4XT the capability to run rapids of 36m/min on the X, Y and Z axes with cutting feed rates of 10m/min. This speed is possible for 4+1 axis machining with a rapid feed on the A and C axes of 4800 and 8000 degrees/minute respectively. This provides the Kitamura with unrivalled speed and precision among its rivals.

The philosophy of high speed on the new Kitamura 4XT is also installed into the 30 tool ATC that can change cutting tools in a remarkably fast 2.5 seconds. Capable of utilising tools up to 300mm long with a maximum weight of 8kg, the delivery of the cutting tool to the workpiece is exceptionally quick. Making this machine particularly attractive is the extremely powerful CNC control unit from Kitamura. The addition of the new Kitamura Arumatik JR control to the Mycenter 4XT, gives the operator a user friendly and intuitive interface that will be familiar with most machine shops. Leader CNC has time and again proven that the Kitamura line of machining centres can provide a rapid return on investment through improved efficiency, reduced tooling costs and remarkable productivity and reliability. For further details, contact Leader CNC.

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