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Double the productivity on larger components with Chiron
Double the productivity on larger components with Chiron

Double the productivity on larger components with Chiron

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 15 August 2014

The latest Chiron DZ machining centres from the Engineering Technology Group bring the high-volume productivity benefits of twin-spindle machining centres to larger components.

The DZ machines have two spindles machining two components simultaneously to give double the output of a single-spindle machine. The DZ machines have a similar footprint to a single-spindle machine and come at a price that is significantly less than two comparable machines.

The new DZ 24 and DZ 26 machines offer twin spindles at 400mm, 600mm and 900mm centres, allowing much larger components to be produced than was previously possible, and have the power and rigidity to take full advantage of this.

The machines can also be supplied with an innovative drum-type automatic workpiece pallet changer. As with all automatic pallet changers, this allows components to be loaded and unloaded in parallel with the machining cycle.

With the unique drum configuration, the two bridges holding the workpieces are firmly held at both ends by the machine frame. This gives extra stability and strength for high metal-removal rates, while maintaining quality, repeatability and accuracy.

The DZ 24 has a working envelope of 830mm in X, 630mm in Y and 630mm in Z with two spindles on 400mm or 600mm centres.

Axis accelerations are 10 ms-2 in X and 15 ms-2 in Y and Z, with rapid traverse speeds up to 75m per minute. Chip-to-chip time is 2.7s and the workpiece change time is from 3.5s, depending on the components.

HSK-63 spindle drives with a speed of 12,000rpm, 15,000rpm and 20,000 rpm and up to 320 Nm of torque are available for powerful and productive machining.  

The new DZ 26 is Chiron’s first horizontal machining centre and allows it to offer the maximum 900mm spindle distance for the simultaneous machining of very large components.

The DZ 26 offers bridge dimensions of 1,250-1,900 mm, with 630mm or 950mm X-axis, 630mm Y-axis and 600mm Z-axis. Axis accelerations are up to 20 ms-2 with rapids up to 90m/min.
An HSK-63 or HSK-100 spindle offers 390 Nm torque and spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm. As with the DZ 24, chip-to-chip time is 2.7s and workpiece change time from 3.5s.

Both machines can be supplied with the new Chiron Tool Tower background magazine. With twice the capacity of previous tool magazines on half the footprint this allows rapid provision of tools for reduced down-times and setup times. The modular design allows for configurations with 130, 170 or 210 tool positions.

Rotary tables for 4-axis machining and 2-axis swivel rotary tables for 5-axis machining are also available as an option.

Graeme Thomas, the Engineering Technology Group’s technical director for high-end machining centres, said: 'The great advantage now with these machines is that you can make larger parts in an extremely productive manner. This ability to produce two large components at the same time has allowed us to sell machines to customers who would not have been able to consider this route to productivity a year ago.

'These machines are aimed at companies, typically in the automotive sector, that have high volumes and need the high production rates that these machines offer. We would generally expect these machines to be destined for a specific customer project and would offer a full turnkey solution incorporating high-productivity work-holding fixtures produced by ETG’s specialist manufacturing company Hyfore.'

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