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MTD Takes a Peak at the Latest Mazak Multi-Tasking Machine

MTD Takes a Peak at the Latest Mazak Multi-Tasking Machine

Added to MTDCNC by Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd on 03 August 2015

When MTD recently attended the Mazak Open House event, we had a chat with Product Manager Mr Mark Hall to get the low down on the latest INTEGREX i-400 machine. Exclusively explaining the machine to MTD, Mark told us all about the multi-tasking machine that had a complex demonstration part being cut to highlight the capabilities of the new offering.

Mark told MTD: 'As a full multi-tasking machine the INTEGREX has full turning capabilities and thanks to the innovative design of the milling spindle and B-axis, we have full simultaneous 5-axis machining. What this enables us to do, is take complex parts and machine these on a single platform.'

So, is a turning machine really capable of removing metal efficiently with regards to milling..?

The simple answer was: 'Oh yes! The milling spindle is 12,000rpm as standard and has a 22kW rating. So, it's an extremely powerful spindle build on a very rigid platform for heavy material removal. There is no compromise between milling and turning and this is the principle of the machine.'

As always, MTD was quick to observe the tooling configuration of the new INTEGREX was a little different to your everyday machine tool. Explaining this, Mr Hall says: 'The machine has been designed with an ergonomic aspect to reduce the workload of the operator. So, next to the CNC control and the window to view the part being processed, is the tool magazine. As standard it comes with 36 tools with the option of 72 tools or we can go up to 110 tools if necessary. The location of the tool carousel gives the operator full access and visibility whilst they are running the machine.'

The demonstration machine at the Open House event was equipped with a robust tailstock. However, a sub spindle can be specified to deliver comprehensive rear-end machining potential. Furthermore, with a 12 or 15 inch chuck, 102mm bar capacity and 658mm maximum turning diameter the machine oozes capacity for large parts. As a defined one-hit machining solution, Mark Hall continues: 'Customers are looking to reduce lead times and consolidate as many processes into a single platform to reduce manufacturing costs. Additionally, the machine now incorporates Mazak's new Smooth Technology. This enhances the operation with the Smooth X control that gives touch screen operation for ease of use and advanced programming technologies that can reduce cycle times by 30%.'

'Of course, we can go smaller or bigger. The smaller machines start with the INTEGREX i-100 and we have a 200, 300 and 400 in the series. Above that is the e-series that can go up to a maximum turning diameter of 1.3m to support a component weight of 15 tonnes. We can offer a complete solution regardless of industry sector or component size.'


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