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Lead Precision's Leadwell BC-600 Raises The Standard of 5-axis Machine Tools

Lead Precision's Leadwell BC-600 Raises The Standard of 5-axis Machine Tools

Lead Precision Machine Tools has now introduced the new Leadwell BC-600 to the UK marketplace. This 5-axis machining centre has a B-axis tilting head and a C-axis integrated table for improved versatility and work envelope capacity.

The new addition has a working area of 1100mm in the X-axis and 610mm in the Y-axis whilst the direct drive design provides backlash free movement. It also has 610mm in the vertical Z-axis plane and almost 800mm when the head is tilted in a horizontal plane. 

The machine bed also incorporates an embedded removable rotary table of 600mm diameter. Added to this impressive envelope is a Heidenhain CNC control unit and a 15,000rpm spindle configuration that is fed cutting tools from a high capacity 40 tool station changer.

The Leadwell BC-600 has rapid feed rates of 36/36/30 m/min, a spindle motor of 18.5kW, programme storage up to 21GB, a low backlash swivel head and a B-axis with standard optical scale.

The 5-axis simultaneous processing, can reduce the times of workpiece unloading and the requirement of the jigs, shorten the processing time and improve performance. The C-axis table uses the direct drive motors to provide high torque and rigidity levels. This solves the traditional worm gear backlash problems. 

Aimed at precision and performance machining, the new BC-600 is fitted with linear scales as standard, which puts this new arrival into a different league when compared to many 5-axis machine tools on the market. More flexible that most 5-axis machine tools, the BC-600 utilises the B-axis head configuration to give users the ability larger parts than alternate machines in the same category. This new machine is now available from stock from Lead Precision Machine Tools.

Published on MTD CNC by Lead Machine Tools on 05 June 2017

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