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Leader CNC introduces new VTL line
Leader CNC introduces new VTL line

Leader CNC introduces new VTL line

Added to MTDCNC by Leader CNC Technologies Ltd on 11 January 2015

Leader CNC has successfully introduced the new line of vertical turning lathes (VTLs) from DMC to the UK marketplace. The DL V Series is the perfect complement to Leader CNC's existing and extensive range of larger capacity Toshiba and KDM vertical boring and turning machines.

The DMC DL V range offers 11 model variants that can accommodate maximum turning diameters from 400mm on the smallest DL40V Series up to 1150mm on the largest DL120V machine. Renowned for distributing quality machine tools, Leader CNC's latest offering boasts a remarkably small footprint with outstanding rigidity and build quality. The robustness is evidenced by hefty machine weights of 5,500kg to 22,000kg over the range.

The DL V Series consists of a robust mono-cast bed of box way design that provides the basic platform for successful heavy machining of parts whilst providing long tool life, high precision and superior surface finishes far beyond that of alternate machine tools. From the smallest DL40V through to the largest DL120V, swing over bed capability is available in convenient steps throughout the range. The generous work envelope offers X-axis travels from 200 to 625mm and Z-axis travels from 300 to 1000mm across the range, with a rapid traverse speed of 20Mm/min.

To extend the capabilities of the robust new VTL line, DMC has included options of a C-axis table and a driven tool turret. As a standard product, the DL V is fitted with a 12 tool station turret. However, on the VM models, the servo driven turret is equipped with  BMT live tooling that can be fitted with facing, boring, outside diameter, axial & radial driven tool holders. To optimise productivity, the turret has an indexing time of 0.2 seconds to minimise chip to chip time. Furthermore, the driven tool stations deliver a maximum 3000rpm, driven by a powerful 7.5/11kW motor on the larger, more demanding VTLs. This provides end users with optimal metal removal rates to maximise productivity times.

This remarkable level of power is also installed in the main spindle motor that drives the table, with ratings of 22 to 55kW depending upon machine size selected. This provides torque levels progressively increasing to 3650 N.m on the largest belt driven DL120V, up to a maximum 5340 N.m when fitted with a ZF gearbox. The smallest DL40V has a table speed of 2500 rpm, whilst the DL60, DL80, DL100 and DL120 variants have table speeds of 3000, 2000, 1250 and 900rpm respectively.
Controlled by a Fanuc 0i-TD CNC unit that is familiar within the industry, the new DMC DL V range provides astounding power, torque levels and accuracy that are matched by a heavily ribbed base to enable robust machining and ensure long life.

 With other selected options, DMC has also made the new VTL's particularly flexible and easy to integrate within high efficiency robotic and automated cells. Typical options include oil skimmers, dual chucking pressure, high pressure coolant, tool pre-setters, automatic front / side doors with interlocking systems, together with tooling and equipment for specialist applications.

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