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Leader CNC launches New Range of Multi-Axis Turning Centres

Leader CNC launches New Range of Multi-Axis Turning Centres

Added to MTDCNC by Leader CNC Technologies Ltd on 07 March 2013

As the UK's exclusive distributor of Spanish built Unamuno turning centres, Leader CNC is now delighted to announce the launch of the Maxima 9 series of high performance multi-axis turning centres.  With four models in the series offering a capacity up to 42, 52 and 65mm diameter, the Maxima 9 series has been designed to provide the most productive and cost effective solution for high speed manufacturing in today's ever more demanding market for repetition turned parts from bar with a single set-up.

The latest addition to the Maxima 9 Series is the Maxima 9-65B that was launched at the Toulouse aerospace exhibition SIANE in October. Incorporating a 12 tool position upper left slide with high powered motorised tooling and B-axis positioning, the Maxima 9-65B permits complex component manufacture without the need for 90 degree or adjustable tool holders. This upper left gang slide offers quick change fixed or rotary tool stations for working on the main spindle.

Designed to provide unbeatable multi-axis, multi-tool productivity, the Maxima 9-65B dramatically reduces non-cutting times with its unique twin gang slide and lower turret slide system. This permits extremely fast tool changeover times. The lower turret slide has a non-lift servo motor driven turret with VDI-30 rotary or fixed tooling. The lower turret slide offers up to 24 tools, 12 for the main spindle and another 12 on the counter-spindle. The upper right gang slide provides another 12 tool positions with rapid change fixed internal/external tooling for working with the counter spindle.

This multitude of tool stations provides a wealth of simultaneous combined machining scenario's such as 3 tools cutting with balance turning on main spindle, main spindle turning and drilling whilst drilling on the counter spindle, counter spindle support with 4-axis turning or alternately Y-axis milling on main spindle whilst cross drilling on main & turning on counter spindle.

Quality of the Maxima 9-65B is unparalleled as the machine has been developed in conjunction with globally renowned research and development company, Tekniker. Combining the experience and expertise of a dedicated R&D business has paid dividends with this new machine. The machine is fitted with the very latest Mitsubishi M730T multi-channel nano control that is far superior to alternate units on the market. Highlighting how this quality is ingrained in the Maxima concept, the 9-65B also incorporates dead length quick change chucks from Hainbuch, top of the range turrets from Sauter, Nippon high precision linear roller guideways and NSK super precision rotary bearings.

With productivity at the heart of the Maxima concept, the 9-65B offers bar end remnant unloader that reduces bar end lengths and improves the speed of bar changeovers. This works in harmony with a rapid action part catcher and conveyor that minimises component unloading times and the respective operator intervention. Additionally, a separate swarf conveyor and 380 litre coolant tank guarantee the thermal stability of the machine bed, whilst a 100micron coolant drum filter that is self cleaning, reduces the service requirement of the Maxima range. The self cleaning coolant filter works in synergy with 13 Bar and 9 Bar high pressure coolant pumps that direct coolant to the cutting edge of the tools at a supply rate of 100liters/min to optimise tool life, machining performance and swarf removal. To further enhance tool life, the Maxima Series incorporates a part-off confirmation cycle that protects against broken inserts by verifying the successful parting-off of components.

These innovative elements that are built into the Maxima 9-65B as standard to deliver impeccable quality levels and productivity that is built upon a heavily ribbed cast iron bed that has been designed with Finite Element Analysis methods and torque tube design. This gives the Maxima Series remarkable rigidity that provides accuracy and surface finishes beyond competitor machine tools. The rigidity is further improved by the 55 degree slant bed design that also optimises swarf removal and coolant flow.

The maximum slide stroke of the Maxima 9-65B goes to 270mm in the X3 axis, 360mm in Y2 axis and 590mm in Z1 axis. With a rapid traverse rate of 30m/min and 48 tool positions and power tooling capability up to 16kw with 4000rpm spindle, the new Maxima 9-65B guarantees power, precision and rigidity that is the envy of all manufacturers of machine tools in this range.

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