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Rigidity increase of some 35% on new Leadwell VMCs
Rigidity increase of some 35% on new Leadwell VMCs

Rigidity increase of some 35% on new Leadwell VMCs

Added to MTDCNC by Lead Machine Tools on 15 April 2015

Leadwell CNC Machine Tools has now launched its new 'V' Series of vertical machining centres. The impressive new line of VMCs are a compact and powerful solution for the machining of small to medium sized components, making the new machines ideal for the general subcontract market.

The range of machines are available in a number of models that include the V-22i, V-26i, V32i and V-42i. The smallest machine in the series, the V-22i has a work axis travel of 510 by 420 by 400 in the X, Y and Z axes respectively that gradually increases for each model to the largest V-42i Series, which has an X, Y and Z axis travel of 1m by 520mm by 500mm. Customers of the Leadwell range will notice the Y-axis is significantly enlarged on the new machines to create a larger working envelope for the end user.

This new family of machines is built differently to that of their predecessor. The new 'V' series incorporates a new column design that no longer follows the traditional rectangular form. The new column design is a broader ‘A’ base structure which provides a greater surface to surface contacts between column and bed which also has added strength and weight. The result is a rigidity increase of some 35% when compared to the previous model. The new line now uses roller slideways instead of linear slideways and this significantly improves speed and accuracy.

The machines are available with spindle speeds of 8000, 10000, 12000 or 15000rpm that are driven by a powerful 11kW motor. As standard, the line of machines are provided with full enclosure guarding, work envelope lighting, alarm lamp, heat exchanger, rigid tapping head and an automatic counter for workpieces. As optional extras, Leadwell CNC is offering the 'V' Series of machines with a chip conveyor, remote MPG, spindle oil chiller, two speed gearbox for high torque levels throughout the speed range, a tool tip air blow system, tool overload detection, automatic tool and workpiece measurement as well as chip conveyor to transport swarf out of the machine.

As standard the VMC's are also offered with either 20 or 24 tool storage capacity with the additional option of 30 tools. To make the cost effective and highly productive machines more flexible and user friendly, Leadwell CNC is also making the new line of VMC available with an oil skimmer, coolant gun, air conditioner, rotary table preparation, coolant through spindle with filtration, programmable air blow and nozzle, extra coolant tank and DNC link software to name a few of the options.

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