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Leadwell T-7i for simple and complex parts..

Leadwell T-7i for simple and complex parts..

Added to MTDCNC by Lead Machine Tools on 30 December 2014

Lead Precision Machine Tools has now introduced its new T-7i Series of multi-axis linear slideway CNC turning centre for the production of anything from simple to complex components in a single set-up.

The new Leadwell T-7i Series offers the perfect combination with its robust and rigid frame that encapsulates a highly productive turning centre. From a work envelope perspective, the new T-7i is particularly generous with a 520mm swing over bed, a maximum turning length of 520mm and an extremely large diameter capacity of 420mm. This diameter is provided via a 250 or 250mm chuck whilst the capacity for bar feeding is 65mm.

The T-7i has an X-axis travel of 210+10mm and a Z-axis travel of 540mm. Highlighting the productive nature of the T-7i, it can traverse across these axes at a rapid feedrate of 36m/min. In addition, the spindle has a maximum speed of 4500rpm that is driven by a 15kW motor.

With flexibility also at the heart of the T-7i Series, Lead Precision can also deliver the machine as a 3-axis variant or at the other end of the scale with a C-axis driven tooling turret for the processing of complex parts in a single set-up. As standard, the new turning centre is supplied with a tool pre-setter, chip conveyor, work light and tailstock. To simplify the acquisition process, Lead Precision Machine Tools also offers the T-7i with a service program that includes installation and commissioning, training, warranty and outstanding after sales service.

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