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Asquith has machine for light machining of large parts
Asquith has machine for light machining of large parts

Asquith has machine for light machining of large parts

Added to MTDCNC by Asquith Butler Ltd on 06 December 2015

As the UK distributor for the SAHOS line of machines in the UK, Asquith Butler customers are already reaping the rewards with this impressive new machine tool. Digging a little deeper, MTD spoke with Veronika Susova, the Business Development Manager for the SAHOS brand....

Veronika told MTD: 'We are really proud of our latest 5-axis machine that has been developed for the precision machining of aluminium parts and for mould and die components and other complicated 3D parts that the industry may have to tackle. The machine is extremely rigid and fast. The rigidity has been developed using FEA techniques that makes it somewhat over-engineered.'

'This rigidity actually allows the machine to be very fast with up to 80m rapids in all 3-axes and theoretically, we could go up to 120m/min rapids. The smallest machine in the SAHOS line has a 3 by 1.5m bed with 800mm from the spindle to the bed, but we have a host of options available to suit our customers' demands.'

The doors of the SAHOS fully open to enable the operator to load extremely large parts from a crane or even a fork lift. The machine has been fitted with access points for dust filtration and removal and it also offers a host of coolant and swarf extraction systems. The extremely flexible SAHOS is well suited to applications where end users are conducting relatively light machining of parts at high speed. This makes it ideal for the aerospace, mould and die and wind power sectors as well as for customers machining carbon fibre parts. For further details, please contact Asquith Butler in the UK.

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