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'Portable' Machine tools for every manufacturing environment
'Portable' Machine tools for every manufacturing environment

'Portable' Machine tools for every manufacturing environment

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 14 December 2015

TRUMPF may well be known as a world leader in the field of high specification punching and laser cutting machine tools, but did you know that TRUMPF's power tool division was established before its machine tool division? With over 60 power tools in its portfolio, TRUMPF Power Tools are synonymous with quality and precision. With a history that dates back to 1934, it’s a brand you can trust...

The portable products from TRUMPF are available in 110V and 240V derivatives or with powerful long-life Li-Ion batteries. Whilst the TRUMPF brand of punching and laser machines are aimed at companies processing sheet-metal, the power tool division casts a much wider net. As the Sales Manager of TRUMPF Power Tool Division, Mr Grant Fergusson says: 'TRUMPF machine tools are sold to OEMs and subcontract businesses in the sheet-metal processing sectors; our power tools are applicable to those businesses as well as their customer base. For example, TruTool Slat Cleaners are the perfect solution for cleaning the machine bed of laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines and this extends to all machine tool companies in this sector, and not just TRUMPF machines.'

'Whilst the Slat Cleaner is for the machine tool users, our cutting, fastening, bevelling and drill driver products are aimed at all businesses working with sheet metal. This encompasses everything from the small fabrication shop to structural steel, construction, vehicle manufacture, heating & ventilation, steel production and just about any other pocket of the manufacturing sector. Whatever the process, we have the power tools to make the job easier and safer.'

As mentioned, the TRUMPF power tool division portfolio includes cutting machines and this vast product line encompasses a selection of TruTool N Series nibbling tools and the handheld TruTool S Series of shearing tools. However, it is the company's unique 'panel cutting' tool that is making life easier in the construction and building industry. The new Panel Cutter TruTool 165 separates sandwich panels regardless of whether the panel surface is flat, trapezoidal or corrugated. The machine can handle diverse applications, ranging from crosscuts and right-angle cuts to interior cut-outs and notches. This makes it the tool of choice for the roofing and facade construction, building, carpentry, heating, air-conditioning and insulation sectors. 

As part of the 60+ product family, the TRUMPF Fastening tools comprise of a range of seam locking tools and power fastening tools whilst the bevelling range of machines consist of a TruTool TKA500 deburring tool for precision deburring of sheet metal whilst the TKF range of power tools are aimed at more robust bevelling with bevel lengths up to 20mm. No power tool range would be complete without a drill and the TruTool DD1010 really does stand out from everything else on the market. With a 10.8V Li-Ion battery, a two-speed motor, 17 torque and drill settings and an integrated LED light, like all TRUMPF portable power tools, the TruTool DD1010 drill really does stand above the competition. For further details, contact your local TRUMPF dealer which you can find using the TruTool  dealer locator at www.uk.trumpf.com/products/power-tools.

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