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Meeting the global demand for large-capacity Doosan machine tools
Meeting the global demand for large-capacity Doosan machine tools
Meeting the global demand for large-capacity Doosan machine tools

Meeting the global demand for large-capacity Doosan machine tools

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 01 March 2014

New Doosan factory dedicated to the production of large-capacity RAM-type vertical turning lathes, double-column vertical machines, horizontal borers and big vertical machining centres is complete.

To meet the growing worldwide demand for its large-capacity machines, Doosan Machine Tools has just completed (February 2014) the Phase 1 construction of a new dedicated factory in Seongju-dong, Seongsan-gu, Changwon City, South Korea.

The new facility, situated close to Doosan’s main manufacturing plant, is the company’s fourth factory and occupies a total area of 110,607m2. The production facility at the new plant is currently 18,355m2 and this will increase significantly once Phase 2 of the project is completed.

This major capital investment project will enable Doosan to ramp up production of its large machine tools enabling it to satisfy demand from the global oil and gas, construction, energy and automotive sectors. Doosan will increase its production of these machines to 1000 units per year with the opening of the new factory and this will rise to a staggering 3,600 units per year once Phase 2 has been completed.

As well as providing the required space to manufacture and assemble large machine tools, the new facility features a custom-designed and built infrastructure for increased productivity and efficiency and is equipped with advanced manufacturing and production process equipment and is organized and run on best-practice principles.

Specifically, the plant has been designed to ensure that large-capacity machines are built to Doosan’s high-quality super micron precision standards and that high productivity and fast turnarounds are achieved.  

As such strict temperature and humidity controls are evident throughout all manufacturing and assembly areas while, to maximise productivity, the factory has been equipped with automatic operating systems for night time and/or 24-hour production.

'A dedicated new factory specialising in the production of large machine tools means we are able to reduce production time and improve productivity,' said Jaeyoon Lee, Head of the Machine Tools BG.

'Doosan Machine Tools will now be able to deliver world-class large machine tools based on super precision to customers significantly faster than before.'
Comments Nick Frampton, Managing Director of Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland:

'This is good news for UK and Irish manufacturers. Customers ordering new large-capacity Doosan machine tools from us will be able to get them delivered more quickly, and the increased production capabilities of the new factory means we will be able order and replenish stocks of large Doosan machine tools here at the Mills CNC Technology Campus faster too.'

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