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Correa 5-axis machining centre for large components
Correa 5-axis machining centre for large components
Correa 5-axis machining centre for large components

Correa 5-axis machining centre for large components

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 10 June 2014

Now available from DTS Ltd is the new Correa Norma 45 5-axis bed milling machine for the machining of large components that are commonplace in the aerospace and oil & gas industries. The new Correa Norma 45 provides the utmost in precision, productivity and flexibility whilst delivering unrivalled rigidity for machining parts up to 10,000KG.

Upon the extremely robust construction of this 25,000KG machine is a bed that measures over 4.5 by 1.25 by 1.5m in the X, Z and Y axes respectively. This remarkably large work envelope is rapidly covered by a 20m/min rapid traverse that utilises linear rail guides for remarkable precision.

The configuration of the machine incorporates a 4th axis rotating table whilst the two position spindle head fully rotates to provide the B-axis movement. The Y-axis travel of the spindle head is configured upon an innovative ramp design that maximises stability and rigidity. As would be expected from a high quality Correa machining centre, the machine spindle is extremely heavy duty with a BT50 spindle taper to accommodate particularly large cutting tools to optimise material removal rates. Driven by a high torque motor that delivers up to 990Nm; the 24kW head has its tooling supplied via a 30 position ATC.

The build quality of the Correa Norma 45 is unrivalled in its class and this provides the end user with maximum material removal and rigidity whilst also delivering astounding precision and repeatability for a machine of its dimensions. The power and torque of the motors are matched by an equally powerful Heidenhain 530 control unit that simplifies operation for the shop floor staff. To further enhance operator experience, the Norma 45 has particularly large sliding doors that give the operator full access to the work envelope.

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