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Machining of plastics to a new performance level
Machining of plastics to a new performance level

Machining of plastics to a new performance level

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 26 February 2016

When machining thermoplastics such as PEEK, POM or PA 6, the poor thermal conductivity of the materials and the relatively low melting temperatures make machining difficult. To meet these requirements, MAPAL has developed the Mono-Drill-Plastic drill and optimised the geometry of the so-called single-lip drill, also called the spindle drill. With the new Mono-Drill-Plastic, a new performance level for machining modern plastic materials has been reached.

The Mono-Drill-Plastic has been given special properties such as an extremely sharp blade geometry and special point thinning. As a result, bore tolerances up to IT7 are realised. To optimally dissipate the heat via the chips, the drill made of uncoated solid carbide has a large, polished chip flute. As a result of a special carbide substrate, the Mono-Drill-Plastic also has the best possible rigidity and wear resistance. Even when dry drilling, the new solid carbide drill is convincing. Here the precise geometry and the special chip flute prevent the premature, so-called smearing, of the material. As well as for use to machine plastics, the Mono-Drill-Plastic can also be used to machine aluminium.

The new Mono-Drill-Plastic is available with a diameter range of 0.97 to 13.03 millimetres and a length of up to 5 x D.

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