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The fastest milling machine in the World
The fastest milling machine in the World
The fastest milling machine in the World
The fastest milling machine in the World

The fastest milling machine in the World

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 06 August 2013

The manufacturing industry has constantly been in the vanguard of technological advancement ever since the industrial revolution.  There have been countless advancements, discoveries, inventions and improvements in the field of science and technology; and no other vertical has benefited from these advancements as has the manufacturing and engineering industry.

Today speed and accuracy are everything.  Being able to manufacture a top quality product with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, with least power consumption and maximum resource utilisation can make the difference between a successful business and a failed one.

Consider the development of milling machines, as an example.  Milling machines have been around since the 1800s.  The first ones to come into existence were just an adaptation of the rotary filing concept with a circular cutter that had file-like teeth.  Milling machines have come a long way since then, spawning many differing variants along the way with spin-offs in the process of evolving into the CNC milling machine genre that the industry is so wedded to, today.

Since the advent of numerical control, the world of machining has never looked back and will never be the same again.  Numerical control is that missing-link of technology that allows a computer program to control the operation of a machine. This allows for clear, precise and error-free manufacturing, with no human interaction whatsoever.

Today high-speed milling is not just an idealised notion but a practical reality, certainly for most established manufacturing firms.  Thanks to high-speed milling, the resultant milled parts tend to be strong, light and extremely durable as well.

While many CNC-based milling machines may claim and counter-claim the right to the title of the fastest milling machine, there is definitely a good case to be made for the almost constant velocity delivered by the Makino Mag3 range of machines.  They are specifically designed for high-productivity machining and deliver a mind-blowing 1k ipm cutting feed-rate.

On a lighter note, engineering students from the University of Florida, USA, claimed way back in 1996 to have designed and built the world's fastest milling machine.  Incredibly, the machine was not made by choice, but by necessity, thanks to some budget issues that they faced at that time.  The machine was developed with support from the National Science Foundation and McDonnell Douglas Corp and all but the largest of the machine's parts were designed and built by the students themselves.  It just goes to show that where engineers are concerned, innovation and skill do go hand in hand to produce engineering marvels and, furthermore, that necessity truly can be the mother of invention!

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