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NIIGATA HN compliments Matsuura Horizontals
NIIGATA HN compliments Matsuura Horizontals
NIIGATA HN compliments Matsuura Horizontals
NIIGATA HN compliments Matsuura Horizontals

NIIGATA HN compliments Matsuura Horizontals

Added to MTDCNC by Matsuura Machinery Ltd on 20 December 2014

With new energy sources and a rapidly diversifying sector coming on stream in the UK in the near future, the time to invest in a machining platform that is consistently delivering excellence, value and profit to companies supplying these same  new energy opportunities overseas is now for UK companies.

That machine is a NIIGATA.

Matsuura UK have been the sole UK agent for NIIGATA Horizontal machine tools for over a decade.

The Matsuura H.Plus Series of horizontals & the NIIGATA HN Series compliment each perfectly – the Matsuura ending in pallet size at 800mm2, the NIIGATA starting at 800mm2. The H.Plus is renowned for its high speed operations, the HN for its high torque “grunt”. The Matsuura H.Plus-630 (630mm2 pallet) is utilised the world over by pump manufacturers - the NIIGATA HN also - where facing head technology is a pre-requisite.

NIIGATA are large capacity horizontal machine tool specialist – they make no other genre of machine tools.

In that time we have placed these exceptional NIIGATA products from their HN & SPN Series of machines into industries that require exceptional return on investment, large capacity processing, reliable multi pallet and multi-tasking functionality and second to none UK service, spares and support.

From large capacity pump manufacturers to aerospace, to oil and gas to automotive – NIIGATA horizontal technology has proven itself time & again.

One product from their range is a stand out market leading platform in the energy pump sector - the NIIGATA HN100D-FC Facing Center offering unrivaled and proven versatility - Turning, Facing, Boring, Milling and Probing-all in a single set-up.

This machine can handle parts as large as large as 2300mm diameter x 1850mm in height. The spindle head features milling, boring and W Axis facing capabilities whilst delivering the additional benefits of a robust, powerful and accurate horizontal machining center.

The HN also features a robust & substantial Boring Spindle (Quill) which allows for additional reach and accessibility during machining. This single set-up approach is ideal for machining large valve and pump bodies, bearing housings, axle housings and any large complex component requiring multi operations and multi tasking in one loading.

The HN100D-FC is designed and built to handle heavy cutting tasks in a wide variety of materials with extreme accuracy. It features heavy duty boxway construction, large diameter precision ballscrews and AC digital servo motors.

Other features include: Niigata’s unique spindle head cooling technology, reliable, flexible, field expandable tool change system, efficient chip removal system, centralised controls and more. The HND-FC Series also includes the smaller HN80D-FC model.

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