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Matsuura TPS monitoring system cuts downtime

Matsuura TPS monitoring system cuts downtime

Added to MTDCNC by Matsuura Machinery Ltd on 22 July 2014

Matsuura has now developed its innovative new TPS system that can give customers with multi-pallet and multi-tool machine tools the ability to monitor the remaining tool life and pallet capacity for lights-out or unmanned machining facilities.

If a Matsuura customer is running un-manned machines and may be leaving at the end of a shift, the operator can very quickly see how many hours of work are remaining on the machine or how much tool life is remaining. As these parameters may stop a machine during unmanned periods, the operator can view the user friendly and simple to use system to re-load new tools and pallets to eliminate machine downtime during unmanned periods.

The fast, dynamic software package has been developed by Matsuura in Coalville to give a full visual display that highlights the parameters in terms of tool life and pallet capacity. This enabled the end user to maximise productivity and eliminate downtime during unmanned working hours.

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