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Mazak launches new plug and play robot automation system

Mazak launches new plug and play robot automation system

Yamazaki Mazak has launched a new range of robot automation systems designed to maximise machine tool productivity through fully automatic loading/unloading and the potential for unmanned running.

The ROBO SMART CELL range of automation systems has been designed to provide a low investment cost, flexible workpiece handling solution. It is capable of being utilised across a number of machines in the Mazak range from the QUICK TURN SMART and VERTICAL CENTRE SMART turning and machining centres, through to the QUICK TURN NEXUS and INTEGREX models. 

The cell uses Mazak’s standard and proven robot interface which includes an industry-leading 6-axis articulated robot.  The cell enables components of up to 2kg in weight (three further variants are planned with higher load capacity) to be loaded and unloaded, effectively and efficiently through the simple universal infeed/outfeed concept, maximising machine productivity and spindle utilisation.  The robot system and workpiece load/unload areas are fully enclosed within the safety guarding providing a compact system footprint.

The ROBO SMART CELL’s plug and play design enables easy integration into existing production environments.  The cell can be operational within a very short period of time. All pre-set work is completed before delivery in order to minimise extra work for end-users.

In addition, the cell’s innovative loading system allows the operator to load and unload in one area of the cell while the robot is working in another area. This gives maximum access to the machine for the operator at all times.  The cell has a very small footprint with its highly compact design maximising access for the operator whilst ensuring it can fit into even the smallest machine shop.

To further enhance productivity the ROBO SMART CELL utilises a totally new, innovative, Mazak designed scheduling system.  The Mazak Cell Controller offers full workpiece control providing effective part programme management easing changeover from one application to the next.  The system allows lights out running which would not be possible with a stand-alone machine.

Richard Smith, Managing Director UK & Ireland Sales Division, commented:  “The ROBO SMART CELL can be easily integrated into existing production environments at a relatively low investment cost.  Machine users can benefit from increased productivity as a result of better spindle utilisation and improved efficiency from the cell’s unmanned running capabilities.”

Published on MTD CNC by Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd on 17 January 2013

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